The study done at University of Birmingham and the University of Leeds suggests that colon cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy prior surgery were found at less risk of cancer relapse. The report was prepared after observing 1,053 colon cancer patients from 85 hospitals. 

Data says, recurrence ratio of colon cancer is quite high, that is 1 in 3 cases for colon cancer observe the cancer relapse after successful surgeries. In view of this research are in search of some new alternatives strategies to restrict the occurrence of colon cancer. 

Research led by Cancer Research UK funds suggested that the colon cancer patients must be given chemotherapy before surgical procedure rather than after the colon surgery, to reduce the chances of cancer coming back. 

According to the FOxTROT trial, providing chemotherapy to the colon cancer patients before colon surgery has proven a 28% reduction in chances of cancer relapse within 2 years.

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