The Serum Institute of India (SII) developed the CERVAVAC vaccine against cervical cancer for girls which is going to be launched in April 2023. 

According to the NTAGI chief, N K Arora, the CERVAVAC vaccine has been approved by DCGI and the government advisory panel  of NTAGI on immunisation for use in public Immunisation Programme. The Indian origin vaccine will be available in the market by April at a much cheaper rate than the international vaccine. 

“India no longer needs to buy foreign vaccines at the rate of ₹4000 per jab, we have developed a vaccine that will cost around ₹400 per dose”, says SII CEO, Adar C poonawalla.

This Human Papillomavirus Vaccine is specially developed for girls in the age group of 9-14. This vaccine is to be launched in the upcoming year. 

Epidemiological report says global cervical cancer prevalence rate of Indian women is 25% and one third of the global deaths due to cervical cancer.

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