Every age group faces some eye problems, often in old age, people start to experience cataract symptoms. This is when a cloudy layer forms in the lens. If a person experiences anything like this, they must have fulfilled knowledge about cataracts, their types, benefits and treatments. In this case, consult a doctor.

What is a Cataract?

All the vision issues that are associated with the eyes. Whenever a person faces some issue while seeing at a distance, nearby objects, reading something, identifying something or is troubled by clouding of the eyes. Many of these ailments are drawn due to the cataract problem.

What causes Cataracts?

In most cases, cataract often appears due to increasing age or unexpected accidents, especially affecting the eyes.

  • 1. Old Age

Many people above the age of 80 years, who have reached a point when the body starts to get weak, have many health issues. A cataract is one of the common issues that occur during the ageing years of one’s life.

  • 2. Injury

In those cases where a cataract occurs before reaching old age, a sudden accident or injury in the eye can result in the forming of a cataract.

  • 3. High-stress level

At times, the rise in stress too can cause the risk of cataracts. One must balance out releasing any negative emotions, especially those that can directly affect one’s health.

  • 4. Rise of protein level

When the protein level unexpectedly increases, resulting in forming cloudy or blurry eye lenses. This causes the cataract to be surgically treated.

  • 5. Traumatic incidents

Mental stress levels or anxiety can become the main cause of cataracts as well as other health issues.

  • 6. Therapy of radiation

This is one of few treatments used to kill cancer-causing cells. This radiation therapy as well as other cancer-related therapies can cause cataracts or other possible ailments.

  • 7. Some exceptional medications

Steroids or other heavy medications in the human body can have side effects which can result in causing difficult health issues like forming cataracts in the eyes.

What are the symptoms of Cataracts?

Learning the symptoms can be a big beneficial factor to stop it before it grows severe. This helps the patient to reach out to the doctor within time and get the diagnosis done as soon as possible.

  • 1. Cloudy vision

If a person experiences the slightest blurriness in the vision, they most likely have cataracts or eye problems that should not be neglected.

In such a situation contacting the doctor and getting it treated will not only secure them from it becoming severe but keep them safe from sudden risks or complications in day-to-day life while working, looking or travelling.

  • 2. Night vision difficulty

If the person experiences a difference in their vision, especially on nights. It can be a possible symptom, forming of cataract. A doctor can be the right person to give you clarity in such a situation.

  • 3. Glare sensitivity increased

This is the situation where the eyes are seen most affected when comes in contact with bright lights. This can be due to eye problems.

  • 4. Change in power glasses

If you recently got your power checked, if the power seems to have increased to an unexpected level and if you’re not satisfied that it is normal, this can be a possible symptom of a cataract in the eye.

  • 5. Doubled vision

During dealing with cataract conditions, experiencing double vision is a common symptom. This, if experienced with other symptoms, must be shared with your doctor.

  • 6. Absurd and abstract effects

Another often noticeable symptom can be if the person starts experiencing absurd effects appearing in front of the eye if it is causing issues identifying the person, object or a thing.

How are Cataracts Treated?

Initially, if the patient seems uneasy to undergo surgery and if the symptoms are at a mild stage, the doctor might plan out some alternative way for the patient to avoid the surgical step.

Next, if the cataract surgery is planned to be conducted, the patient will initially undergo some mandatory eye tests, and doctors will take some time to examine the case and will plan out the surgery.

What are some of the Common Risk Factors

Cataract surgery though being a safe procedure and has usually resulted in successful surgeries can have invisible effects which can be risky at times. So, know the factors to have self-precautionary care.

  • 1. Exposure to sun rays is the unfiltered rays that come directly from the sun. This unfiltered sunlight as bright is equal to harmful. In some cases, this can be the result of a cataract developing in the eyes.
  • 2. Increase in age Age factor plays an important role in leading the vision condition to the risk of developing cataracts. As people of older ages are more prone to getting cataracts.
  • 3. Detected Diabetes Many people who have diabetes, get a high risk of developing cataracts.
  • 4. Past Eye surgery Past effects of already happened cataract eye surgery, can come back to the senses and become the risk of getting cataracts again.
  • 5. Due to previous injuries Equally, injuries that happened in the past or in recent times in or around the eyes can create the risk of cataract development.
  • 6. Due to Obesity People with obesity can lead to detecting cataracts, as the eyes will experience blurriness, pain or cloudiness in the lens.
  • 7. Higher blood pressure level leads to the eyes being affected by cataract ailment and its surgery becomes the only favourable solution.
  • 8. Alcohol intake It isn’t alone harmful to the eyes but the whole body. Its addition or intake creates weakness and health complications in the body.
  • 9. The previous history in the family Some medical issues can too be the cause of its link with the family history. If a person’s family, any one parent have this medical condition, the person is likely to develop it too.


In conclusion, we as humans understand that our body reacts and undergoes multiple health issues, physically, mentally and emotionally. Knowing that one must always give priority to its health at every level.

We at Glamyo Health have worked hard to bring the best health solutions to provide healthy eyesight. Both cataract and Lasik are now available here, at the most affordable prices and done by the best doctors one can put their trust in.

In any circumstance, we stand tall to make your eyes cataract free through smooth and safe surgery as well as a  surgical procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age do cataracts usually start?

In most cases, cataract happens to aged people above the age of 80. Cataract also occurs at younger ages too, but the chances of developing in younger cases are very rare.

Also, since cataracts can be caused by multiple risk factors or sudden injury, they can appear accordingly in some cases. 

What do early-stage cataracts look like?

Early age cataracts have some common symptoms such as a cloudy layer forming in the lens of the eyes, difficulty seeing at night, and the vision becoming blurry or hazy. This eventually leads to eye strain, difficulty in doing daily activities and feeling pain in the eyes.

What is the main cause of cataracts?

The main cause of cataracts is backed by the haziness and blurriness that the eyes have formed due to the clouding of the lens. Thus, cataracts can be the possible result of injury, ageing ailments, family history, obesity, blood pressure rising high, coming in contact with harmful rays or diabetes problems.

How can I check my cataract at home?

The initial way to check your eyes at home if affected due to cataracts is to check for the symptoms caused in the eyes. The symptoms associated with the identification of cataract condition are feeling pain or strain in the eyes, sudden blurring of vision, clouding of the lens, eye power sudden increase or night difficulty seeing clearly.

Can cataracts be cured naturally?

Ideally, cataract is only treated through a surgical procedure. But, home remedies, yoga or the ayurvedic curable ways are effective at times. So, even if you are suggested to undergo a surgical procedure, you must ensure keeping exercise, a healthy diet and natural ways on a daily schedule.

What is the best medicine for cataracts?

Some of the most prescribed medicines for cataracts are Ciprofloxacin, Besifloxacin, Erythromycin, Moxifloxacin and more of these medications are vital for the cure of cataracts.

What can you do to stop cataracts?

To stop cataracts, eliminate risk factors that become the reason for its growth. Get regular eye check-ups done, stop intaking alcohol or smoking, have eye protection handy, keep your eyes hydrated and take proper body care.

How quick a cataract can develop in people?

If the factor causing the formation of cataracts in human eyes is the most common one, ageing, it starts to appear in approximately one year. But, in other cases it has no definite time, rather it appears differently for each case.

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