Your eyes play such a vital role in your life. Cataracts can result in blindness or permanent loss of vision if they are not treated on time. A cataract is a cloudy, hazy region that forms in the eye’s lens. The lens of the eye becomes unable to transmit clear images to the retina when proteins in the eye clump together, resulting in a cataract. The retina converts light that enters the eye through the lens into messages. To develop vision, impulses or messages are conveyed to the brain via the optic nerve. Hence, Cataracts must be treated on time. This blog will help you find the best and most effective Cataract Surgery in Hyderabad

It gradually worsens, finally obstructing your eyesight. Cataracts can appear in both eyes at the same time, but not always. A substantial percentage of the old and elderly population suffers from cataracts. So, If you are looking for Affordable and Advanced Cataract Surgery in Hyderabad, book an appointment now on Glamyo Health.

Many people require laser cataract surgery to improve their vision. Cataract surgery may be an option for those who are struggling to see clearly or tired of wearing glasses. This is not a solution for everyone. Only certain people are eligible to have cataract surgery. They have blurry vision due to a buildup of proteins in their eyes. It will appear cloudy from the outside, and you may feel your vision is more clear around the edges than in the center.


  • 1. Vision is hazy and blurry
  • 2. Blindness at Night
  • 3. Faded Colors 
  • 4. Light Halos Around Lights 
  • 5. Increased Sensitivity
  • 6. Double vision?
  • 7. Changes in ocular power on a regular basis.


  • 1. Ultraviolet Radiation 
  • 2. Smoking
  • 3. Diseases such as diabetes and others are caused by an excess of oxidants.
  • 4. Obesity, 
  • 5. Hypertension, 
  • 6. Aging
  • 7. Eye Surgery in the Past
  • 8. High-Efficiency Myopia
  • 9. Drinking a lot of alcohol
  • 10. Trauma

Can Cataract be Treated Without Surgery?

Cataracts are not treatable without surgery. The Food and Drug Administration, as well as any other government medical procedure regulators, have yet to approve a non-surgical cataract cure. Get the best Cataract treatment in Hyderabad at an affordable cost in the most hassle-free way only at Glamyo Health.

Can you Get Rid of Cataracts Naturally?

No, there is no natural way to get rid of cataracts. Natural therapies can help to prevent or delay the progression of cataracts, but they cannot be cured.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms or indicators of Cataracts, visit the Glamyo Health website to schedule your Cataract Surgery in Hyderabad at the most affordable price.

Types of available Cataract Surgery in Hyderabad : 

The method for eliminating cataracts from one’s eyes is known as cataract surgery. There are different available Cataract Surgery in Hyderabad, So, if you are looking for painless cataract removal from your eyes contact glamyo health and get Caratarct treatments in Hyderabad just with a Click. 

Micro incision cataract surgery (MICS) is a treatment that uses a 1.8-millimeter incision to remove cataracts. The surgery’s goal is to improve the patient’s chances of success. MICS has long been thought to be a less traumatic surgery with improved postoperative outcomes. This difficult cataract surgery necessitates a great degree of surgical precision and ingenuity.


  • 1. Minimally Invasive 
  • 2. Surgically caused astigmatism is less likely.
  • 3. Vision recovery is faster
  • 4. healing is faster.


FLACS is a relatively new advancement in cataract surgery (femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery). Compared to non-FLACS minor incision phacoemulsification cataract surgery, FLACS has lower hazards. FLACS can provide greater precision and repeatability than manual approaches for specific tissue planes.

Small-incision Surgery may also be referred to as phacoemulsification by your doctor. Your surgeon makes a very small cut in your cornea. Ultrasonic waves are generated by a small device implanted in your eye, which breaks up the cloudiness in your lens. After that, the shards are removed and replaced with a synthetic lens.

Surgery with a large incision – This isn’t done very often, but your doctor may recommend it if you have a big cataract that is causing you more visual problems than usual. Extracapsular cataract extraction is the other name used for Large incision cataract surgery for it. The surgeon removes the clouded lens from the eye and replaces it with an artificial lens. This technique will most likely take a little longer to recover from than a procedure with a minor incision.

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Cataract Surgery Cost in Hyderabad:

The cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai varies from INR 20,000 to INR 60,000, based on a variety of factors and considerations, such as

  • 1. The patient’s age.
  • 2. Charges for Diagnostic Tests
  • 3. Charges at the Hospital
  • 4. Charges Against a Doctor
  • 5. Costs of Medication
  • 6. Patient’s Health Situation

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