Can Lasik be Done Twice? – No wonder how miraculously Lasik’s surgery always works out perfectly for the patients. It’s known to be an extremely safe and effective way of treating vision loss with the simple use of laser technique, painless procedure, takes lesser time to perform the procedure, and quick recovery. 

At present, ever since the Lasik surgery procedure has been medically approved, people have come more interested in willingly replacing it with the conventional procedure and fortunately, the results have been positive in almost all cases. 

Now, as we are through with this understanding, many still seem to worry if a Lasik surgery can go wrong or if the patient needs to undergo Lasik surgery twice. 

Through the following blogs let’s look more closely at the query and try to answer the most common questions. 

Can you get Lasik twice? – An Overview

Is it possible to have Lasik surgery twice?

Can you get Lasik twice? Yes, no doubt about this question. Lasik surgery does not have any limitation on the number of times a person can undergo Lasik eye surgery. 

But, more interesting is to know that Lasik does not necessarily require repeat surgery or Lasik to be performed twice on the same person.


Causes of Lasik twice

Usually, Lasik is a permanent solution to vision problems and the success rate is high to even doubt a second Lasik eye surgery. 

But, common reasons have been recently noted for the patient coming up with a requirement for another Lasik eye surgery. The major cause associated is as follows. 

  • 1. The naturally growing age of a person 
  • 2. With increasing age, the lens becomes less flexible to create an equal amount of movement as compared to the time Lasik was initially performed. 
  • 3. This creates less ability to focus on near or far objects and as a result, another Lasik eye surgery is performed. 

Is it safe to get Lasik twice?

It is certainly safe, without any risks or side effects that a person can call for another Lasik eye surgery. 

Though, the need of getting another Lasik surgery appears at least 5 years to 10 years after the first Lasik eye surgery is performed. 

Can Lasik be repeated years later?

The procedure of repeating the Lasik eye surgery is also termed enhancement. This can be performed after years of gap. 

Generally, the patient may require or get the enhancement after 5-10 years. Further, for enhancement, some essential factors are important to be considered. 

How many times can Lasik be repeated?

There is no count of the number of times, Lasik eye surgery can be conducted for the same patient. But, the chances of repeat Lasik eye surgery have rarely ever occurred. 

What risks of having Lasik twice?

No serious risks have been identified with those who require or undergo Lasik surgery twice. 

The only risks of Lasik eye surgery experienced by patients include conditions of dry eyes, itchiness, night glare, halos, or discomfort. 

Side effects of Lasik twice?

Lasik surgery always remains a safe surgical. the procedure which does not cause any side effects to be worried about. 

Any number of times a person can get Lasik eye surgery and no side effects other than slight blurry vision and sensitivity to light which are just temporary effects and go away with medication. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can LASIK be done the 2nd time?

Yes, Lasik can be performed twice but usually, this is only performed after a year of the gap. The gap is somewhat between 5 years to 10 years after the initial Lasik surgery is done. 

Q. How many times can LASIK be repeated?

When it comes to repeating Lasik eye surgery, there is no limit on how many times a person can appear for Lasik eye surgery. 

But, the eligibility for enhancement depends on various factors such as the thickness of the cornea. 

Q. Can I get LASIK 3 times?

Yes, the same patient can undergo Lasik surgery multiple times without any complications. 

But, this usually does not happen as the need of repeating Lasik does not occur because the surgery already has a high success rate. 

Q. How many years does LASIK last?

Fortunately, Lasik is a permanent treatment that lasts a whole lifetime and does not cause any side effects or complications. It is just that with growing age, reading problems can occur. 

Rest, in some very rare cases, it can be possible that the individual patient may require enhancement after Lasik. 

Q. Does the cornea grow back after LASIK?

During the Lasik surgery, instead of the cornea flap, the epithelium is removed from the cornea. The epithelium is the outermost layer of the cornea which can grow back. Further, the cornea has its healing ability. So, after any surgery, it quickly grows back. 

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