Varicose veins are the most common condition with twisted or enlarged veins. Often, this develops and becomes visible as a person excessively walks for hours or stands for too long. 

People generally look for its treatment in different types of therapies or leg massages. One of the most powerful and effective methods to keep control of the varicose veins problem is proven yoga poses. 

Varicose Veins Varicose veins in the legs can be either a hereditary condition or are developed over time as a person habitually stands for hours. This excessive standing or lifting heavy weight gives pressure on the legs, making the veins to get weak and blood to get blocked. 

Yoga poses for varicose veins 

Yoga isn’t the final cure or the permanent cure of Varicose veins. It isn’t a treatment that repairs or disappears the damaged varicose veins from the legs. 

It rather is used and suggested for those in intense pain who are not yet able to connect to a varicose veins specialist for treatment. Yoga for varicose veins helps in lifting off any pain, discomfort, swelling or other symptoms of varicose veins. 

Some selective yoga poses are used as a natural care to lower the effect of varicose veins in the leg, promote proper blood flow in the whole body and release any stuck pain and discomfort. 


One of the easiest and most proven techniques to treat varicose veins through yoga is by shifting your complete focus towards breathing for some time. For increasing the blood flowing throughout the body, kapalbhati is recommended. 



Releases any tension, pain or sensations of discomfort caused in the legs due to varicose problems. Also, knees and hips get relaxation and for muscle relief and joint pain, it equally benefits. 


Viparita Karani

An excellent yoga pose to release tension, strengthen the immune system, let the blood flow throughout the body and takes off any pain or pressure 

Viparita Karani


The yoga pose makes it easy for the blood to circulate through the legs and varicose veins can be prevented. Also, it gives blood to the head and other parts of the body for proper functioning.



Best yoga pose for naturally preventing the varicose problem is this very famous mountain pose. Easy to perform, helps to tone the legs and takes off all the pressure from the limbs. 


Yoga for varicose veins: Tips to keep in mind 

The priority of doing yoga poses for varicose veins or any other health concerns is to make sure that it is performed safely, by avoiding injuries and without any hassles. Some tips to follow are 

  • 1. Avoid putting excessive pressure or doing the yoga pose incorrectly. This can simply overstretch the muscles or cause pain. 
  • 2. Make sure to avoid doing yoga for varicose veins especially if you have neck pain, back pain or intense pain in other parts of the body. 
  • 3. Avoid doing yoga for varicose veins just after eating something. Doing yoga just after a heavy meal is strictly not recommended. 
  • 4. Make sure to be in as comfortable clothes as possible while doing yoga for varicose veins. This lets the body have proper stretchability and blood to flow through the whole body. 
  • 5. Don’t confuse when to hold your breath and when to breathe normally. In certain types of varicose veins problems such as spider veins, breathing normally is recommended while performing yoga. 
  • 6. Don’t select the yoga poses to practise by yourself. Talk with a certified yoga instructor and accordingly get yourself trained. Learn the correct poses that you can perform and that you cannot. 

Benefits of Yoga for varicose veins 

Yoga treatment for Varicose veins is now possible. But, one essential thing to keep in mind closely is to understand that yoga is not the permanent solution for varicose veins but certainly an effective natural easing therapy. The benefits include 

  • 1. Improving the overall blood circulation of the body 
  • 2. Helps in strengthening the immune system and other body parts of the body. 
  • 3. Keeps the person away from various pain such as neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain or leg pain. This helps keep the veins healthy. 

When to consult the doctor? 

If varicose veins are affecting your daily lifestyle in any way, if your legs feel tired, painful and normal walking is becoming difficult for you. It is an indication that the doctor needs to be consulted without any delays. The sooner the solution and treatment the quicker the healing and recovery. 

Why choose Glamyo Health for Varicose veins? 

Glamyo Health is a leading health care for all. Experienced doctor for consultation, best surgery plans, facilities and services for a smooth experience and safety above all. Glamyo Health gives free doctors consultations, and a free cab facility and surgery are done within a reasonable cost. Come along, discuss your health issues and get them treated without any more delays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best exercise to stop varicose veins?

For beginners, walking can be the easiest way to prevent and keep varicose veins in control. Along with it other effective ways are swimming, biking or other possible low-impact and lightweight activities that improve blood flow and alleviate pain.

How does yoga help with varicose veins?

Yoga poses or asanas are excellent sources of getting healthier veins day by day. While dealing with varicose veins, veins get damaged, and though medical treatment is best to cure it, yoga is effective in keeping the condition under control. 

What is the fastest way to treat varicose veins? 

The type of technique to treat varicose veins depends on the severity of the condition. This includes 

  • 1. Small varicose veins Sclerotherapy or laser therapy 
  • 2. Spider veins Sclerotherapy or laser therapy 
  • 3. For larger varicose veins Radiofrequency treatment, laser treatment and ligation and stripping. 

What yoga poses are good for varicose veins? 

Some effective and must-try yoga poses are: Downward facing dog, butterfly, bridge or warrior pose. The idea is to release the blocked blood flow and bring it into the flow. 

Are varicose veins healthy?

Varicose veins aren’t always a major concern or a condition to worry about. It may or may not cause pain and discomfort, but it becomes more problematic if it grows larger, and surgery is recommended. 

Can varicose veins disappear with yoga? 

Yoga poses for varicose veins do not treat varicose veins completely or aim to disappear these veins. But, rather yoga focuses on bringing relief from intense pain, keeping the condition under control and improving circulation in the body. 

What are the benefits of treating varicose veins? 

Getting varicose veins treatment means having no more pain, increased body movement, better sleep and overall appearance is enhanced. Varicose veins treatment is effective, result oriented and gives absolute comfort to those dealing with it for a long time. 

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