Every single.patient turns up with this same concern that if anal fistula is possibly treated naturally? Well, the treatment options are many but for a permanent cure, nothing is better than surgical procedure as recommended by expert doctors. So, let’s understand closely about the treatment that is preferred for a fast, safe and a permanent anal fistula remedy.

Anal Fistula : A Quick Observation

Anal fistula is a medical condition that appears with discomforting symptoms and may get worse if left untreated. Getting anal fistula treated at soonest can save oneself or the one dealing with it, from serious health issues like cencer.

Treatment Options Available for Anal Fistula

Treatment options for anal fistula essentially include safe and successful surgical procedures. The surgeon will first walk you through a general detailed discussion about your condition, followed by examination of the affected area through physical test and clinical examination.

According to the discussion and reports of the test, the right treatment option is planned. Following is the quick list of some of the well known surgical procedures. The surgeon will prescribe the right kind of treatment option amongst this that is best suitable to you.


A very common and mostly preferred surgery option for those with anal fistula. A fistuloctomy is done under general anesthesia. Though, it is not the only procedure available but is often preferred as the first option.

The procedure involves complete opening of the fistula and letting the flat scar heal. It is certainly a highly recommended procedure but with some limitations as this type of treatment is mostly suitable for those fistulas that do not pass through the sphincter muscle.

Advanced Flap Procedure

As Fistuloctomy has some limitations due to the risk of loss of bladder control. In such anal fistula cases this advanced flap procedure is used. Under this procedure, the fistula is cut and scrapped carefully and the hole is closed off with tissues taken from the inside part of the rectum. Though, it consists of lower success rate but has it’s advantages.

Laser procedure

In this advanced procedure, a small sized laser beam is used to seal the fistula. This type of procedure has its limitations and at times uncertainty but no serious complications while using it.

Endoscopic Ablation

A simple, safe and quick surgery procedure. In this process, a tube with an attached camera is put in the fistula and with the help of this endoscope, electrodes are passed through the fistule to seal it off. This procedure has no risk and the safety is at optimum level.

LIFT procedure

This process is recommended in those cases where the fistula has passed through the anal sphincter muscle. A space where procedures like fistuloctomy is too risky to be performed.

Risks while undergoing anal fistula surgery

These are some of the risks to be aware of while getting treated for anal fistula.

  • 1. Infection If post anal fistula, the patient experiences infection, immediate action should be taken and the patient must be taken to the doctor for further consultation and the patient will be prescribed antibiotics.
  • 2. Bleeding After the surgery process, mild bleeding might occur but with proper care and follow ups with the doctor this is usually recovered.
  • 3. Recurrence Yes, even after successful surgery, recurrence can possibly occur due to low levels not taken proper care.
  • 4. Loss of urinary control This is a common risk of most of the anal fistula surgery that are performed but the surgeon makes safety as the top most priority to avoid this kind of occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can fissure be cured without surgery?

Yes, if the condition is still in control few of the methods can be tried to ease the anal fissure. These are

  • 1. Stool softeners
  • 2. Home remedies
  • 3. Dietary changes
  • 4. Relaxing the anal sphincter muscle

Q.Is fissure a serious problem?

No, anal fissures aren’t always a major issue or need medical assistance. In most cases it can be cured through proper home care. But, if a person faces recurrence, it becomes worse or chronic, an immediate medical assistance is required. 

Q.Is fissure surgery risky?

Post fissure surgery, it may bleed for sometime but as operated with all the safety measures in mind, fistula does not have any serious risks. Some other risks to keep in mind are infection or recurrence. Also, if experiencing any severe post effects, don’t delay and consult the doctor soonest.

Is fistula a lifelong problem?

Anal fistula is a treatable condition that is mostly treated best by surgical procedure. Though, the correct type of treatment may differ according to an individual’s case and severity.

 Is anal fistula worse than piles?

Anal fistulas are more serious a concern than piles. The reason being, piles are often treatable at home especially when it is still at initial grades but anal fistula is best treated through surgical procedure only.

How do you permanently heal anal fistula?

The best available permanent solution to treat anal fistula is by fistuloctomy. Other options are also there such as advanced flap procedure, laser flap procedure and endoscopic ablation.

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