Post-circumcision surgery, it is natural to feel some discomfort or pain. Every patient’s main concern during this recovery time is to get properly healed from the incision and pain caused in the area 

The surgeon provides the patient with proper medications to cure the condition and heal the wound. This prescription includes antibiotics and ointment, along with some post-precautionary measures. 

Circumcision Healing Tips 

Circumcision is a surgical treatment that follows the procedure of incision and stitches back the skin. Post-surgery, the patient needs to follow some simple precautions daily to keep the area clean and healthy. These healing tips are the best Post circumcision care 

Keep it clean

Ensure keeping the affected area hygienic and clean. Washing it regularly with warm water is the best way to keep the glans and nearby areas out of reach from any types of infections. 

Avoid Heavy Lifting

The action of heavy weight lifting can often result in increasing the pain in the wounded area. For the initial days, don’t bend or do the heavy lifting of any kind. 

Medical Care

This means taking prescribed medicines properly and if any medicine does not suit you or is not contributing to your fast recovery, get in touch with your doctor. 

Regular Check-Ups Post-Surgery

Every doctor will call the patient for a follow-up, two follow-ups or as many as required. Make sure that you don’t miss out on those initial visits. They will help in keeping a track of your fast recovery or any delay. 

What is Circumcision Ointment 

Most of the surgeries that we undergo require a post-healing time. Circumcision ointment and its regular application is the smoothest way to cure the surgical cut and pain caused. 

Circumcision is a procedure used to remove the foreskin from the head area of the penis. At times, antibiotic tablets aren’t the only way to cure the deep cut made through surgical equipment. An additional medication, circumcision ointment is the right choice for direct healing. 

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Benefits of Circumcision Ointment 

  • 1. Speedy healing To have a fast recovery, any wound requires direct application of the ointment in the affected area. This brings quick results and helps the patient have deep-rooted healing. 
  • 2. More Effective common reason why ointments are more preferred and advised us that it directly targets the affected area while ensuring that all the other parts of the body remain unaffected.
  • 3. Heals swelling In the circumcision procedure, temporary swelling is common. An ointment can help in better relief and cure

How to Use Circumcision Ointments 

Use ointment for circumcision as these are extremely beneficial if used in the right way and applied accurately to the affected area. The procedure to apply circumcision ointment is 

  • 1. Clean your hands properly before applying the ointment. 
  • 2. Once, the hands are free of gems and are dry, take up a quarter amount of cream in your fingertips. 
  • 3. Gently reach out to the affected area and apply in a soft motion. 
  • 4. You can either apply the cream directly to the penis area or can do it indirectly, by applying it in the diaper. 
  • 5. Finally, clean your hands properly after applying the ointment. 

Make sure to follow this procedure for 5 to 10 days from the day the surgery is done. Also, ensure to follow this process twice a day, every day. 

Antibiotic Ointment for Circumcision 

Some antibiotic ointments have been recently introduced for a medicated healing of the wound and pain around the penis as well as the glans area. These certified Circumcision care ointments are Neosporin, Bacitracin and generic. Can be some of the useful ointments for a speedy recovery. 

Though, the initial risk post circumcision surgery resulting in infections is low, as the surgeon ensures to use of clean surgical equipment. But, the advancements have generalized this practice of antibiotic cream. This, one must follow for 5-10 days post-surgery. 

What is best Ointment after Circumcision 

Firstly, some of the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor to the patient are bacitracin or Neosporin. Other than antibiotic ointments, circumcision wounds can also be healed through other medicated creams such as A&D, petroleum jelly or aquaphor on circumcision. These all are equally effective as an ointment after circumcision. 

Ointment Circumcision Infections 

Often the patients might experience swelling in the frenulum area, post circumcision surgery. This is common and can be cured with the help of the ointment prescribed. 

Anyone with a condition where they face circumcision infection of any kind post-surgery or any other side effects. They must consult with the doctor immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best ointment for circumcision wound?

A patient experiencing the circumcision recovery stage can use medications such as ointment for quick healing and recovery. Some of the ointments often prescribed are petroleum jelly, Aquaphor, A&D and a few effective antibiotics. Antibiotics can be; Neosporin, Bacitracin etc. These will result in the killing away of any sort of infections, wounds or swelling caused in the area.

Can I use vaseline after circumcision? 

Yes, certainly. A patient post circumcision surgery can apply Vaseline also known as petroleum jelly. It is highly effective to cure the condition. Best for the circumcision patient’s post-surgery healing.

Where to apply ointment after circumcision? 

Post-surgery, every patient is advised to apply ointment for the healing of circumcision. This ointment is applied in the area surrounding the penis. This is repeated a few times a day, each day and follows this process for 5-7 days.

How long to use ointment after circumcision? 

Initially, doctors prescribe circumcision ointment for 5 to 7 days. This is a crucial time frame in the healing of the cut or the mound made during surgery. Rest, in some extraordinary cases, doctors might ask to continue the ointment for a few more days.

What ointment to use on circumcision? 

A variety of options are often available in terms of a trusted and preferable ointment that most patients use such as Aquaphor and petroleum jelly.

Which ointment is best for circumcision? 

Petroleum jelly ( Vaseline ) is the most effective property for curing the wound that occurred due to a circumcision surgical cut.

Is ointment a cream? 

Both ointment and cream consist of medicinal properties. But, the very first element that separates the two is, that an ointment contains 80 % oil whereas creams contain equal amounts of oil and water in it.

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