The problem of Piles (Piles Flare Ups) is most commonly found in people, especially those 50 years and above age group. This causes a lot of difficulties in the proper functioning of the body. Obstruction of bowel movement, pain and discomfort, swollen veins and swelling in the anus area, severe difficulties such as chronic constipation, burning sensations, and sometimes bleeding can also be experienced. Therefore, it needs urgent attention and immediate cure to ease these symptoms. 

Here, let’s learn the top self-help tips to ease one of these most commonly found symptoms which is a flare-up. Also, these tips can be equally used to gain relief from other symptoms of Piles. 

Adding fibre is the Ultimate Solution

Very first step towards relieving any flare-ups Piles or pain is simply changing your meals into a fibre-rich and healthy diet. 

Those foods that help to fight every symptom of Piles must be carried out in a proper list and added to the diet chart. 

Say no to Any Delays

This is, patients with Piles condition find it hard to pass stools, this condition is known as constipation. 

It can cause severe medical complications if not taken care of on time. Therefore, don”t delay or hold it for too long. Clear your stomach every time. 

Attempting elevation or lifting the feet’

Body movements is another effective way to let the body get an equal blood supply to each part of the body. 

A person can get relief from continuous flare-ups by moving her leg a little upwards and back to normal. This lets bowel movement smoother. 

Sitz bath

The process of doing these piles flare-up relief exercises is very simple and hassle-free. One can perform it at home by themselves. 

It is to note that it may cause pain or give a burning feeling at the start, but after a few sittings, it will certainly start to get better, heal and cure the flare-up pain. 

  • 1. In a tub, mix 3-4th of warm water and salt. 
  • 2. Check if the water temperature is correct and suitable for your body.
  • 3. Now, dip your lower body inside and sit in the tub for approximately 15 minutes (till the water cools down). 
  • 4. Repeat this quick exercise initially after every 4 hours and later the gaps can be a little longer. 

Over-the-counter medicine care

Always carries immediate medicines at the time of emergency such as piles flare up, constipation, excessive pressure, cuts, and pain. 

When to see a doctor?

The best time to consult a doctor is when a person starts experiencing any physical signs and if the pain does not stay in control or reduces on its own. 

An experienced Piles surgeon can be the best guide to help the patient receive quick relief. For the best possible consultation, reach out to Glamyo Health’s top doctors without any more delays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does a Piles flare-up last? 

There is no ideal or proven specific duration of Piles flare condition. But, usually, it lasts for a few days a week. This simply depends on patient-to-patient and the amount of damage they are currently facing. 

Therefore, the best approach is to either have some natural changes such as a fibre-based diet or a regular sitz bath. In case, this does not reduce the condition, immediately fix an appointment with a Piles specialist. 

Q. How do you calm inflamed Piles? 

These quick home remedies are a sitz bath after every 4-5 hours, little steps of body movements for blood circulation, a fibre-based diet, and counter medications, and the best is to consult an experienced doctor for accurate guidance. 

Therefore, Piles flare can be tough to handle. But, some natural ways can at least bring some relief. 

Q.Is it normal to have Piles of a flare-up?

Piles can cause intense pain, discomfort, swelling, rashes, and cuts. This burning sensation due to irritation and pain is known as the condition of flare-ups. 

Flare-ups occur occasionally in most patients and normally can be cured in some simple natural ways. 

Q. What heals Piles faster? 

To prevent piles, bring ease from flare ups and heal piles faster. All of these associated conditions can be solved through natural care at home. 

This includes starting with soaking the affected area in warm water, taking over-the-counter pain relievers, and making changes to the regular meal. 

Q. Why do Piles suddenly flare up?

Piles flare up due to excessive straining, chronic constipation, and when the anus area experiences swollen blood vessels. 

Due to the cuts, burns, and rashes, it flares up and starts to give intense pain as well as a burning sensation while urinating or flushing out waste from the body. Therefore, in such a situation, get in touch with your concerned doctor.

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