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Gynecomastia Symptoms Causes Treatments ?

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Dealing with man breasts? Find the best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Mumbai at Glamyo Health. Glamyo Health offers you not just one but 400+ highly specialized surgeons and doctors that are trained and experienced to treat conditions like Gynecomastia.

At Glamyo health, gynecomastia surgeons perform the treatments with the latest advanced technologies that are scar-free, stitch-free, and almost pain-free to make our patients go through the least stress & discomfort possible. 

The team of health care consultants helps patients throughout their surgical journey from booking an appointment, hospital admissions, to discharge, and even helping them out with the Insurance paperwork. The focus is to make the patients feel valued for them to gain a hassle-free experience. 

 What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a medical condition among men that can cause them to develop breast tissues, sometimes known as man breasts. 

Gynecomastia is generally caused by reducing levels of male hormones called testosterone or an increase in female hormones called oestrogen, which leads to swollen breast tissues and even breast tenderness. It causes the development of excess fat on your pectoral muscles leading to the appearance of a female-like chest in men, ranging from simply puffy nipples to full-blown breast development.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

1. Swelling in the chest area

2. Pain and tenderness in the chest area

3. Tenderness in areola that is painful to touch 

4. Swollen or puffy nipples

5. A mound or disc of glandular tissue in the chest that is firm to the touch

6. Nipple sensitivity

7.  Occasionally, soft fatty tissue beneath the chest

Causes of Gynecomastia

There are many reasons for gynecomastia to occur in a male person, the most common causes include:

1. Hormonal changes in the body

2. Being Overweight

3. Fluctuating Hormonal Levels at Puberty

4. Age

5. Drug Intake

6. Alcohol Consumption

7. Medicine side-effects

8. Testicle infections

9. Other medical issues


Sometimes medications, fat burner pills, exercises, and diet become ineffective to get rid of man breasts. In this case, surgery is the only permanent solution. If you’ve had Gynecomastia for a long time, it is advised to get treated as soon as possible to avoid it from growing and causing other health issues. There are many treatments available for Gynecomastia.

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Liposuction:  Liposuction is the surgical correction of overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in men. This procedure removes only fat in the breasts and not the breast gland tissue that caused the development of breast buds. Therefore, this Procedure is limited in its effectiveness.

Mastectomy: Here, the surgery takes place on an endoscopic basis where the glandular breast tissue that resulted in the enlargements of breasts is removed using only small incisions. This surgery takes less recovery time for the patient.

 Our Services

Glamyo Health offers the best Gynecomastia surgeons in Mumbai that are highly qualified with more than 21+ years of experience in their field of specialization. The surgeons at Glamyo Health follow an individual approach instead of a general approach, to choose a surgical treatment depending on the symptoms and requirements of patients.

The treatments performed by these doctors are advanced as well as affordable. Surgeries are almost pain-free, scarless, with no recurrence, and with just 45 minutes of procedure the patients can get discharged the same day and resume back to their normal life.

There are more than 12,500+ happy patients who noticed fast recovery after choosing the best Gynecomastia surgeon in Mumbai with Glamyo Health.

If you wish to see permanent results, book an appointment with the best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Mumbai at Glamyo Health.

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