Food for maintaining normal Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is used when the blood pressure in the blood vessels exceeds the range of 12OmmHg to 😯 mmHg. 

You might observe symptoms in your body, which could be a problem if you observe them frequently. In such cases you can consult the doctor .here are some of the symptoms 

  1. 1. The problem of headache and heaviness of head
  2. 2. The feeling of nausea and dizziness.
  3. 3. Difficulty in breathing comfortably
  4. 4. The blurring of the vision
  5. 5. High pulsation around the neck and head could also be observed.

What are the complications due to high blood pressure?

There are several health and medical complications that can be observed. Some of them are 

  1. 1. The chances of Heartattack increases 
  2. 2. The probability of stroke increases 
  3. 3. The issues like irregularity in heart functioning
  4. 4. The loss of vision or problem of kidney failure etc

Food to consume for maintaining normal and healthy blood pressure 

Always focus on a healthy diet

Food like vegetables, food, fruits, chicken, ale, banana, oranges, fruits having citrus, fish which is rich in omega 3 fat, eggs, nuts and beans, wheat, etc. that are high in carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and good healthy fat should be consumed. Such food keeps an individual away from many types of diseases.

Avoid Fatty Food

One should not consume food containing high fat as such food can create many vascular and circulatory system-related diseases. Such food can make you obese, and you may always feel fatigued. Avoid food having trans fat and saturated fat.

Low Intake of elements like Sodium

The food with more sodium harms your body as this could create many issues. The sodium can imbalance the ionic content of your body and leads to irregularity in the biochemical metabolism of the body. 

Potassium Based Food

Is a food rich in high Potassium and is very healthy for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Food like bananas, tomatoes, and spinach might be helpful in so.

Say no to food like caffeine, alcohol, and high sugar.

These foods can help you maintain good and healthy blood pressure. Still, if you frequently face many problems with fluctuation and irregularity in blood pressure, it is advisable to consult a good doctor.

Frequently Asked Question

Which fruit to eat for lowering high blood pressure

The person with high blood pressure, should consume fruits like bananas, dark chocolate, green and leafy vegetables, berries, oats, kiwis, etc. can be consumed to help lower the blood pressure.

Is egg could be considered suitable for the high blood pressure

High blood pressure is noticed when it exceeds the range of 12OmmHg to 😯 mmHg. You should consume food like bananas, berries, and kiwis. However, eggs do not have much effect on lowering blood pressure instantly. But it could be considered as an amazing source of protein

What are the causes of high blood pressure

The key causes of high blood pressure, are as follows

  1. 1. Inactive lifestyle and 
  2. 2. Intake of excessive sodium-based food. 
  3. 3. Intake of trans fat, which could block your blood vessels 
  4. 4. Avoiding exercise or aerobic exercise

Which drinks can be consumed to normalise the high blood pressure 

The drinks like fresh vegetable juice of tomato, beet, fresh fruit juice of pomegranate, cherry, or berries could be beneficial and effective in maintaining normal blood pressure.

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