Cough starts due to change in weather. At the same time, sometimes the cough keeps coming for several days and the syrup or medicine does not work. Due to excessive coughing, you are neither able to do any work properly nor are you able to sleep. If you have a wet cough, mucus is formed, which makes mucus or phlegm to clear the lungs, but in a dry cough, mucus is not formed. A dry cough usually lasts for several days after the flu or cold. Dry cough troubles many people during winter season. Due to cough, many times one cannot sleep the whole night. In such a situation, if you are also suffering from dry cough and medicines are not working, then you can get rid of dry cough by adopting some dry cough home remedy. Before we begin, you should be aware of the symptoms, types and causes of dry cough : 

What are the Main Symptoms of Dry Cough ?

The symptoms associated with dry cough are mentioned below-

1. Cough

2. Strange coughing sound

3. Shortness of breath

4. Sore throat

5. Wheezing

6. Chest tightness and pain

7. Sleeplessness due to sneezing and coughing

8. Whistling sound when we breathe in

9. Absence of phlegm

10. Irritability

Types of dry cough

Hacking cough – This type of dry cough usually occurs in cases of viral infections. In this condition there is a persistent cough as well as a feeling as if something is stuck in the throat. If the symptoms of dry cough have become severe, then the doctor may recommend treatment for it

Croup cough –also called barking cough and is most often caused by inflammation or infection (laryngitis) of the larynx (voice box). During croup cough, a person feels pain in the throat and starts having difficulty in breathing.

Whooping cough –This is the third type of dry cough, usually caused by bacterial infection. Whooping cough usually occurs in children and in this the patient has a strong cough, during which he takes a deep breath. Although vaccines are applied in India for the problems that cause it, so this type of dry cough is rarely seen.

Due to dry cough

A dry cough can develop for many different reasons, the main ones being:

1. Asthma –This is a respiratory problem in which the airways become narrow due to inflammation in the respiratory passages. Asthma can cause both dry and sputum cough.

2. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) –This is the most prominent disease causing heartburn. However, at times it can also cause dry cough. When due to some reason the acid and other acidic substances present in the stomach come back into the food pipe, then there may be a problem of cough due to this reason.

3. Postnasal Drip –In this condition the fluid present in the nose starts moving towards the throat and due to this the problem of cough starts. However, postnasal drip can sometimes cause a cough with mucus. In many cases, problems like sinus infection or allergies are the cause of postnasal drip.

4. Viral infection in the upper respiratory tract –Sometimes after a viral infection, you can have a dry cough for a long time. This cough can sometimes last for two months and sometimes it can also cause problems like itching in the respiratory tract.

 Risk factors for dry cough

There are many factors that can increase the risk of dry cough to a great extent –

Smoking –This is one of the most important risk factors for dry cough. During smoking, the toxins present in the smoke go inside the lungs, due to which dry cough occurs.

Exposure to an infected person –If you come into contact with someone who has a respiratory tract infection, you may be at increased risk of developing a dry cough.

Allergies –If you are allergic to a substance or object, exposure to it can also increase your risk of developing a dry cough.

Environmental factors – Irritantspresent in the air such as dust, soil, smoke and other gases etc. can also cause dry cough.

Lung related diseases –People who have any chronic lung disease (COPD) are more prone to dry cough and respiratory diseases.

Women –Women are more prone to dry cough than men.

Best Dry Cough Home Remedy

Ginger and Salt

Ginger and Salt for Dry Cough

If you are troubled by excessive cough, sprinkle a pinch of salt in a small piece of ginger and press it under your teeth. With this, the ginger juice slowly reaches your throat. Keep taking the juice of a piece of ginger for 5-8 minutes. 

Consuming Black Pepper and Honey in Dry Cough

Black Pepper and Honey 

Mixed with honey and black pepper can also get rid of cough. For this, grind 4-5 black peppers and make powder. Mix honey in black pepper powder and consume it as a chutney. 

Ginger and Honey

Ginger and Honey for Dry Cough

Ginger and Honey one of the best dry cough home remedy.   Both ginger and honey can provide relief from a dry cough. Consume liquorice mixed with honey and ginger. All three are beneficial in increasing immunity. Take one teaspoon of honey mixed with ginger juice. To prevent dryness of the throat, keep a small stick of liquorice in the mouth. It removes sore throat. 

Honey in warm water for Dry Cough

Honey in warm water for dry cough

To get relief from cough, drink half a glass of warm water mixed with honey. Consumption of honey daily provides relief from dry cough. Drinking lukewarm water mixed with honey at night ends soreness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Dry Cough

What to do for quick relief in dry cough?

All you need for home remedies for dry cough are honey, ginger and liquorice. These things have healing properties that give relief from cough as well as increase immunity power. Mix a few drops of ginger juice in a spoonful of honey and consume it

Which medicine should be taken for dry cough?

To cure dry cough , first of all, drink a spoonful of honey mixed with a little ginger juice. After this, you can keep a small stick of liquorice in your mouth . By doing this your throat will not dry out. Liquorice works to relieve dry throat and sore throat.

How to clear throat phlegm?

If you are having trouble breathing or feel something congested in the throat , then it is called phlegm in the throat . Frozen phlegm in the throat is also known as mucus. Throat congestion is a big problem. Often every person needs to clear his throat .

Can drinking cold water cause dry cough?

Consuming cold can cause dryness in the throat, which can make your throat dry and itchy. This can make your cough worse

Which fruit should be eaten in cough?

In case of cough and cold, you must include blue berries in your diet . Actually blue berries are rich in anti-oxidants. It also contains a good amount of nutrients like minerals, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese and fiber. Eating blue berries makes immunity strong and also helps a lot in reducing weight.

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