Ayurvedic Treatment 

Ayurveda is an Indian traditional practice for medicines and treatments. It originated in India thousands of years back, and now it is adopted all over the world. It has profound recognition in the West as an alternative therapy. Ayurvedic treatment is holistic and addresses spiritual conditions along with body and mind. 

People consider taking Ayurvedic medicines to bring back the balance of the body in alleviating symptoms of various medical conditions. Piles occur as a result of swollen veins inside the anus or around the anal region. Piles can be internal or external, depending on the swelling inside or outside the anus. 

Piles are indicated by various symptoms like intense anal itching, swelling of the anal region, painful bowel, stool leakage, and anal bleeding. It is very crucial to make sure that a person is suffering from piles by getting proper diagnostic tests from a medical doctor. 

There are various Ayurvedic approaches for piles treatment that are holistic. Ayurvedic medicines include minimally invasive procedures, lifestyle changes, and medications with herbal ingredients in the treatment plan. 

Before proceeding to the Ayurvedic course of treatment, there is always a diagnostic procedure by an Ayurvedic practitioner for evaluation of the overall health of the individual. 

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Piles Treatments in Ayurveda

Bhaishajya chikitsa – Ayurvedic medication for piles 

The ayurvedic medication for the piles treatment is totally dependent upon the severity of the piles. Minor cases of piles or haemorrhoids can be treated with ayurvedic piles medicines. This has to be taken into consideration that the worse conditions of piles can only be treated through piles surgery. 

It is also recommended to get a doctor consultation even after you are taking the ayurvedic medicines for timely screening of the health condition. If the symptoms do not subside even after taking the proper dosage of ayurvedic medicine, the doctors recommend piles surgery to prevent further health complications.

Top Patanjali Medicine for Piles

Arshkalp vati

Patanjali medicine for piles treatment to help heal the inflammation and painful anal region. Ayurvedic medicine has laxatives to deal with discomfort and induce pain-free bowel movements. The medication also improves digestion and helps with gastric issues. It has a combination of natural herbs and helps soothe constipation. The medication is highly effective along with western medicines. 


The ayurvedic medication treats piles, constipation, and anorexia and boosts digestion. It can eliminate toxins from the body and induces peristaltic movement of the intestines. Ayurvedic formulation of the medicine loosens stool and eases defecation. Abhyarishta syrup is also effective in treating fissures and fistula and is considered a powerful tonic to deal with bleeding as well as non-bleeding haemorrhoids. 

What are the ingredients in Patanjali Medicine for Piles?

Rasaut shuddha 

Berberis aristata is the botanical name of rasout shuddha. It is used in ayurvedic medicines like Arshkalp Vati medicine from Patanjali to treat piles. It helps in easing skin problems, itching, and UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). It is an essential herb found in Nepal and the Himalayas with the potential to treat diabetes and eye problems also. 

Harad small 

Terminaliachebula is the botanical name of harad small. It is also the “wonder drug” of Ayurvedic medicines. Medicine is considered a “cure-all” thing with immense benefits for treating numerous health conditions. 


Azadirachta Indica is the botanical name of Nimoli from the neem tree. The ingredient is a widely used herb in Ayurveda. The neem is mainly cultivated in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. It has been traditionally used for more than 5000 years. 

There are various other ayurvedic ingredients in Patanjali medicines for piles; they have the capacity to help the inflammation, pain and discomfort related to piles. 

Benefits of Patanjali Medicines for Piles

  • 1. Beneficial in fissures, fistulas, and piles. 
  • 2. Help with pricking and burning sensation caused in piles
  • 3. Medications are also made to improve digestion
  • 4. Some of the ingredients in Patanjali medicines are added to increase appetite.
  • 5. Patanjali medicines for piles reduce the formation of gas and soothe the inflamed tissue causing piles.

Side effects of Patanjali Piles Medicine

Many people claim that they have benefitted from Patanjali medicines, but some patients are against the medications due to the side effects that they experience while taking them. Some of the side effects include:

  • 1. Diarrhoea 
  • 2. Intense stomach pain 
  • 3. Vomiting
  • 4. allergic reactions
  • 5. Depression
  • 6. Sedation
  • 7. Discomfort

These side effects can be due to certain ingredients in Patanjali medicines that do not suit a patient’s metabolism. The composition of ingredients may also be the reason for the side effects faced by some patients.

Can Ayurveda or Patanjali medicines treat bleeding piles?

Patanjali or ayurvedic medicines can help in stopping bleeding piles and clearing the bowel, but permanent treatment needs efficient diagnosis and medical advice. Mild cases are often treated with ayurvedic or Patanjali medicines, but severe cases are only treated with surgery as they can get more complicated. 

Is Patanjali medicines a permanent cure for piles?

A permanent cure for mild cases of piles is prevention and home remedies, but the larger and more complicated piles can only be treated with surgery. Patanjali medications can help the patient by easing the piles symptoms, but they cannot treat it permanently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ayurvedic or Patanjali medicines cure piles?

Ayurvedic medicines or Patanjali medicines containing herbal ingredients can cure piles, but they take a lot of time. In the case of small piles and uncomplicated cases, Patanjali medicines can be effective in healing piles, but complicated large piles can only be treated with surgery. It is crucial to take the decision and consult a doctor to get treatment in time. 

Which ayurvedic tablet is considered the best medicine for piles?

Arshkalp vati is considered one of the most effective ayurvedic or Patanjali tablets in treating piles. 

Is the Patanjali medicine, Divya Arshkalp Vati, an effective medicine for piles?

Divya Arshkalp Vati medication is an effective Patanjali medicine for piles but only for the smaller and uncomplicated piles. 

How to get a permanent cure for piles?

Piles can be permanently cured by taking various measures depending on the type and severity of piles a patient is suffering from. Some cases only require medication and lifestyle changes to cure piles. Some require banding and even surgery to treat piles.

Is piles 100% curable?

Yes, piles can be cured 100%. Uncomplicated smaller piles can be treated with herbal home remedies, while complicated cases with large piles need surgery.

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