Have a sitz bath at least twice a day if dealing with haemorrhoids, piles or fissure pain. It has its benefits and purposes that are essential to understand. Knowing about it in detail can help with the deep use of this therapy. 

Benefits of Sitz Bath 

  • 1. It releases pain and discomfort. Sitz bath is recommended especially by the doctors. When a person is in pain or discomfort due to issues like severe constipation or anal fissure problems, upon consulting, they do a regular sit bath which gives visible benefits within the first sitting. 
  • 2. Helpful to fight infections Sitz baths are sometimes beneficial to reduce and kill complications.of any rising infection. This infection gives intense pain or swells the area, it needs regular healing and warmth that happens with regular sitz baths. 
  • 3. Security from haemorrhoids A sitz bath protects against multiple health conditions, one of the common conditions it keeps the person safe from is Hemorrhoids. 
  • 4. Keeps pregnancy safe In such a situation, especially at the time of postpartum recovery, only if prescribed by the doctor, doing a sitz bath helps fast recovery from stretched skin. It releases and reduces the intense pain caused.
  • 5. Relief from constipation Today, having mild to severe constipation is a very common condition. Many people with a developed anal Fissure problem need the curr through home remedies to reduce and release the effect of the pain caused due to continuous or repetitive pressure put while passing stools. Thus, a sitz bath is an effective way. 
  • 6. In the treatment of Piles Equally, the condition piles have been rising more and more these days, sitz baths have become an urgent healing method which can be done easily at home. 

Purpose of a sitz bath 

Sitz bath is an easy therapy designed to bring relief to those who have been suffering from pain or swelling in the lower part of the body while sitting, standing or walking. When this discomfort is felt, having a sitz bath releases the pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risk factors of Sitz bath? 

Most commonly, a sitz bath can result in causing perineum infection in the affected area. Though, this risk doesn’t occur much often. The chances of such an infectious risk occurring are higher mostly if the bathtub or the sitz bath kit used is not cleaned before using properly or if the warm water healing is required specifically for a clinical wound. 

What to put in a sitz bath? 

A sitz bath usually requires to be prepared with warm water, the temperature of the water should be suitable for the skin. In the water, as the doctor prescribes medication like betadine or Epsom salt is mixed for an effective impact. 

How long can a person sit in a sitz bath? 

Usually, a person is asked to sit for a sitz bath for around 15 minutes to 20 minutes. But, it can be changed easily according to how long the water is still hot. Whereas, instead of sitting in a single sitting, it is more effective if the therapy of sitz bath is rather repeated twice or thrice in a day, each for 10 to 15 minutes. 

What discomfort is treated with a sitz bath? 

The most effective use of having a sitz bath is to treat various strain, tear, discomfort and pain in the lower part of the body. Sitz bath is a way to reach out to the anus area to bring relief from constipation, swelling, itching, uneasiness and various possible infections.

Why is a sitz bath better?

Sitz bath is a natural and medicated therapy that works wonders in terms of proper healing and relief. If compared to a regular bath, it has some medicines added or a certain type of salt that is highly effective to treat such complications as haemorrhoids, piles or relatable conditions.

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