What is Baby Boy?

A human male who is young or just born and is immature is known as a baby boy.

Should my Baby Boy get circumcised?

According to various research studies, it has been observed that circumcision of male infants decreases the risk of a large number of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) and various cancers related to the penis and foreskin, like penile cancer. Therefore, it is recommended and widely accepted that the circumcision of a baby boy will eventually help him in the long run. 

 According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), numerous benefits of baby boy circumcision have been stated. 

Newborn Male Circumcision

Circumcision of a newborn male includes the removal of a very light covering on the head of the penis called the foreskin. The procedure is now very common in the entire world, especially in America, for protection against various infections related to urinary tract and cancers, including penile cancer.

The circumcision procedure has been made easy, non-invasive and painless to opt for without any hesitation with Glamyo Health.

Circumcision (for Parents)

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has given the guidelines and considers the procedure of circumcision for the parents as a wise decision for their male child. 

How to Care for Your Baby’s Penis

If the baby is not circumcised

The penis should be washed thoroughly with a doctor’s recommended soap and clean water. For the baby, mild baby soaps must be used. Cotton swabs or hygienic wipes must be used to clean the penis and the area around it.

If the baby boy is circumcised

The doctor will cover the circumcised penis for some time to let it heal. They may advise covering the area with petroleum jelly. Diapers must be changed at appropriate times to protect from infections. After some time, as healing has begun, water and mild soap can be used in case poop gets on the area. The penis can be washed nicely after full wound healing after 7-10 days.  

Baby boy’s Circumcision Benefits

  • 1. Protection from UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)– UTIs in the early years of life in male babies may lead to kidney diseases and certain blood infections (sepsis)
  • 2. Decrease risk of developing penile cancer- The development of penile cancer is rare cancer but has been increasingly shown to affect males that are not circumcised as infants.
  • 3. Decreases risk of HIV infection
  • 4. Decreases risk of developing skin infections

Risks of circumcision

Some of the risks of circumcision are

  • 1. Mild bleeding
  • 2. Slight pain
  • 3. Chances of infection if care is not given properly
  • 4. Damage or penile deformity (rare) 

Expectations after circumcision

  • 1. Normally, the penis becomes slightly swollen to heal the wound of foreskin removal. The skin of the penis end appears reddish-pink.
  • 2. The yellowish film appears on the penis head that takes a few days to go post-surgery. Parents should not try to remove it as it may hurt.
  • 3. Mostly the swelling goes away in a few weeks
  • 4. Itching occurs as a normal healing process

Should the Baby be Circumcised?

According to the research, baby circumcision has been found to be beneficial for the baby regarding health benefits in life.  

Circumcision for Children

Children or male babies are circumcised optionally around the world in many cultures and regions after few days after their birth. The process of circumcision includes the removal of the foreskin on the glans penis (penis head).

How Long Does it Take for a Newborn Circumcision to Heal

It takes 4-10 days to heal the circumcision wound, and the number of recovery days varies in newborn babies.

Why do Baby Boys Get Circumcised?

A baby boy should preferably be circumcised to have the least chance of contracting HIV and HPV infections, penile cancer, and other UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people Circumsize their baby boy?

In a large population, circumcising the baby boy is accepted to reduce bacterial infection as a baby and as an adult. Numerous infections may arise, like sexually transmitted infections and urinary infections.

Do babies feel pain during circumcision?

Nowadays, circumcision surgery has been made painless and non-invasive by the advent of advanced procedures. There may be slight pain in the healing process that is usually very less in the case of infants in comparison to adults who undergo circumcision.

Management of a circumcised infant is easier than the adults. Pain in infants only lasts for 24 hours or, in some cases, at most, 2 days. The doctors recommend medications to be applied to the wound to accelerate the healing of wounds. 

Should we circumcise our son?

The guidelines from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) suggest that there are more benefits of circumcision than risks when compared to families who choose to circumcise their baby boy or their son.

Is it good to have your baby circumcised?

It is good to circumcise the baby boy to reduce the chances of various bacteria and viral infections spreading widely nowadays. It has become essential to take all the preventive measures to protect ourselves from life-threatening diseases like penile cancer and HIV – AIDS. 

Do babies cry during circumcision?

Babies don’t feel pain while circumcision as they are given local anaesthesia. It is normal for them to feel movement and pressure on the surrounding area. Some baby boys may cry out of discomfort because they are held at a place during the procedure. Glamyo health provides the perfect environment for ease of the baby boy during circumcision and provides a painless surgical procedure that best fits the baby.

What is the best age to be circumcised?

According to research findings, the perfect age for circumcision is below one year. This is the age when there are the least chances of getting complications and the most rapid healing period as the child is not that active to move or hurt himself.

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