Looking for a tablet to help you maintain good health and prevent allergies? If so, you should consider the Avil Tablet. This tablet is a great way to improve your overall well-being, and it comes with a range of benefits that you can enjoy. In this blog post, we’ll be detailing everything you need to know about this tablet. We will also provide quick tips and suggestions on how to use it effectively. So, if you’re looking for an affordable tablet to help you prevent allergies and attain good health, check out the Avil Tablet!

What is Avil Tablet?

Avil tablet is prescribed to treat allergic diseases such as urticaria and hay fever. It also functions as an over-the-counter sleeping tablet in the same way that other sedating antihistamines are. This tablet is commonly used to reduce histamine levels in the body. Thus, it is used to manage itchy and runny noses, allergic rhinitis, eye discomfort, sneezing, motion sickness, and other allergic problems. This tablet also contains anti-inflammatory effects, which aid in preventing and treating swelling and inflammation in numerous body regions. Moreover, Avil 25 is an antihistamine with mild sedative properties.

To receive the best benefit from Avil tablet uses, consume them with meals regularly at the same time. The purpose of the medication determines the dose and frequency of administration. You must take this medication for the duration advised to you. Your doctor will determine how much treatment you require to alleviate your symptoms.


Consumers seeking an effective and safe pill will find a lot to like from the manufacturers. Sanofi India Ltd. sells Avil tablets. Aside from its numerous advantages, this tablet is also relatively inexpensive, making it among the most preferred choices available on the market today.

Salt Composition

Salt composition discusses the different minerals and salts that are present in this tablet. By doing so, you should better understand why it is such potent medicine. Avil 25 comprises the salt named Pheniramine (25 mg).

How many substitutes

There are many substitutes for Avil Tablet available in the market. However, it is essential to research which substitute is safest for you before taking it. Some of the most preferred substitutes are as follows:

1. Selegiline

2. Rasagiline

3. Atropine

4. Diazepm

5. Amitriptyline

6. Alprazolam

7. Amitriptyline

8. Imipramine

9. Amikacin


This antiallergic tablet has an MRP of Rs.9.97 all over the market. However, the price of Avil 25 may vary depending upon the medical stores and online websites. It may range from Rs. 8.00 to Rs. 10.00.

Uses of Avil Tablet

Allergy is your body’s reaction to a normally innocuous material, such as pollen, certain foods, dust, medications, or insect bites. This medicine works by preventing the synthesis of substances that cause allergic symptoms. However, some of the primary and essential Avil tablet uses are as below:

1. Treats allergic problems such as hay fever, medication, and allergies.

2. Heals motion sickness, nausea, vertigo, and vomiting caused by an ear problem.

3. Prevent respiratory problems associated with high secretion

4. Treats all skin allergies, including urticaria, eczema, and pruritis.

Benefits of Avil Tablet

Taking about the benefits of Avil tablet, it cures all kinds of allergic disorders. Being an antiallergic tablet, treating allergy is one of its main benefits. However, the other benefits may include treatment of motion sickness, worm or parasitic infections, nausea, etc.

Chlorpheniramine and Diethylcarbamazine are the tablet’s active ingredients that treat parasite infections. Avil tablet is an anti-parasitic prescription that kills worms while also inhibiting the activity of histamine (a natural substance secreted by our body). Histamine is accountable for allergic reactions that occur during parasite infection. Furthermore, it lowers the concentrations of eosinophil count, which rises during parasite infection. Therefore, it regulates the symptoms of dyspnea, coughing, and cold.

When should I Take Folvite Tablets?

Avil tablet is an anti-bacterial tablet used to improve overall health and well-being. Folvite tablets are the active ingredients in this tablet. Folvite tablet is used for various health conditions such as asthma, indigestion, and allergies. It is available in tablet form and as a liquid extract. Now you might be wondering when you should take Folvite tablets. These tablets are usually taken at bedtime. Depending on the condition being treated, Folvite tablets are taken once a day, twice a day, or three times a day. Side effects of Folvite tablets include drowsiness, dizziness, and nausea. There are also potential side effects if Folvite tablet is taken in large doses, such as heart problems and liver damage.

Side Effects of Avil Tablet

Besides the potent Avil tablet uses and benefits, there are also some side effects. Avil 25Mg tablet side effects may include sleepiness or bradycardia. When combined with alcohol, overdosing can cause sleep disturbances and even convulsions. Other possible adverse effects include:

1. Sedation

2. Dizziness

3. Vomiting

4. Nausea

5. Stomach upset

6. Blurred vision

7. Headache

Apart from these side effects, the two of the most known are:

1. Sleepiness: The most prevalent adverse effect of this medication is sleepiness. Refuse to drive or any other activity that requires your whole concentration. Inform your doctor if any of these concerns you or is significant. There may be techniques to mitigate or avoid them.

2. Dryness in Mouth: Consuming Avil tablet may induce dry mouth in some circumstances. So, drink plenty of water, carry sugar candies, or practice good dental hygiene.

How can we use Avil Tablet?

Because each patient and situation are unique, the dose may change depending on the ailment, patient age, mode of administration, and patient medical history. Furthermore, the following are the Avil 25 use instructions:

1. It should be simply taken as prescribed by your doctor.

2. With a glass of water, gulp it completely. The drug should not be cut, broken, or chewed.

3. It must be consumed with or after your meal.

4. It must be taken a minimum of 30 minutes ahead of traveling to prevent motion sickness.

How does the Avil Tablet Works?

Avil 25 Tablet is a medicine used to treat allergies. When confronted with an allergen, the body’s allergic responses are triggered. The body releases the histamine in response to an allergen. This chemical produces swelling, redness, itching, a runny nose, and other symptoms. The tablet inhibits the activity of histamine, providing relief from allergy symptoms. It functions by inhibiting the activity of a chemical messenger such as histamine. This improves the signs of severe allergic responses caused by insect bites or stings, some medications, and hives like rashes, swelling, etc.

What if I forget to take Avil Tablet?

If you’re ever in a bind and forget to take your Avil Tablet, don’t worry, it’s there to help! The tablet is meant to be taken once or twice daily, with the dosage varying depending on the person’s weight and medical condition. However, it is no big deal if you forget to take it! Consume it as soon as you remember if you skip a dose. If your next dosage is approaching, ignore the mislaid dose and resume your regular schedule. But remember that you must not raise the dosage to balance the skipped dose. Also, take the tablet simultaneously every day to avoid any side effects.

Avil Tablet Uses in Pregnancy

Because there is limited evidence regarding the Avil tablet uses during pregnancy, this prescription is not advised unless prescribed by a doctor. It may have unfavorable adverse reactions in pregnant women. So, if you suffer any adverse effects, discontinue the use of this medication immediately.

Quick Tips and Suggestions to Use Avil Tablet

Avil Tablet should only be taken as directed by your doctor. Examine the medication labels thoroughly. Always discuss with your doctor any medical histories or concerns you may have. Some considerations to take before using the Avil tablet are as follows:

1. Pregnancy: Because this medication is not indicated to be used during pregnancy, you must ask your doctor before taking it.

2. Driving: Avoid taking this medication as it may induce dizziness and impaired vision.

3. Alcohol: There is no safe interaction between this drug and alcohol. This medication should not be used with alcohol.

4. Breast Feeding: It is not recommended to take this drug during breastfeeding since it may harm the newborn; please check your doctor before taking this medicine.

5. Liver or kidney disease: It is not recommended that this drug be prescribed to people who have liver or kidney diseases. So, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you need to use this medication.


Avil Tablet is a tablet used to treat allergic and motion sickness conditions. It is available over-the-counter in most countries and as a generic medication. Make sure to read through the blog to learn all you need to know about this vital tablet! This blog discusses the uses, side effects, price, benefits and substitutes of this tablet.

Disclaimer: Dont”t take Avil Tablet without Doctor’s Consult

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking the Avil Tablet?

Avil tablet is an antiallergic medicine that helps to prevent allergies, motion sickness, and other allergy problems.

What is the Avil tablet used for?

Avil is an antiallergic drug that is used to treat a wide range of allergic disorders. It alleviates sneezing, runny nose, congestion, stinging and watery eyes.

Is Avil 25 a sleeping pill?

No, Avil is not a sleeping aid. This pill, on the other hand, is an antiallergic medication. It should only be used for the conditions advised by your doctor.

Is Avil or cetirizine same?

Cetirizine is one of the ingredients of the Avil Nu 10 mg tablet. Cetirizine is a generic antihistamine that is used to treat allergic reactions. It inhibits histamine activity, reducing allergic symptoms.

Is Avil Tablet harmful?

Because of the higher risk of significant side effects, the Avil tablet should be cautiously taken in individuals with a prior history of heart disease. Any signs like a headache, shortness of breath, change in heart rate, dizziness, palpitations, etc., should be reported to a doctor immediately.

Can I take paracetamol with Avil 25 Tablet?

Yes, paracetamol can be taken in conjunction with Avil 25 Tablet.

Can Avil 25 Tablet cause weight loss?

No, Avil 25 Tablet does not produce weight reduction.

Are Avil 25 Tablet and chlorpheniramine same?

Chlorpheniramine and Avil 25 are not the same thing. They both have a similar chemical structure and are older antihistaminics. Chlorpheniramine contains chlorine, but Avil 25 Tablet does not. Nevertheless, both serve to treat allergy diseases.

Is Avil 25 Mg tablet addicting or dependence forming?

No proof exists that Avil 25 is an addicting medicine.

Is it capable of treating mental illnesses?

No, Avil 25 Mg Tablet is not beneficial in treating mental illnesses.

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