Kerala high court ordered the police to take swift actions on complaints of attack on doctors and health professionals in Kerala. In the previous year, the court has observed 138 health care professional attacks. 

A division bench with justice officers Devan Ramachandran and Kauser Edappagath has declared to file FIR within an hour for complaints regarding any harm, attack, or any type of atrocity on the doctors, hospital staff, nurses, security or any health care worker. They directed every station house officer of Kerala to record the complaint or any type of information regarding offenders and register a case against them within an hour. 

Kerala high court took this step in response to the increasing attacks all over the state. This immediate order was necessary to make the minds of the perpetrators that police can take swift actions against the harmful acts. This order will clear previous impressions that law processes are slow and most of the time neglected. 


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