The IIT Kanpur director declared that they are ready with an artificial heart and its trial on animals will soon begin in 2023. This new research will enable easy heart transplant in patients with serious cardiac problems. 

Abhay Karandikar, the director at IIT Kanpur, recently informed me about the incredible invention of the artificial heart, an effort to make heart transplants an easy process. He said, “their target is to use this artificial heart in the human body, by 2024 after successfully completing all the trials”. While giving the credit to all the contributors in this invention, including researchers at IIT Kanpur and cardiologists across the nation, he said, the motto of this artificial heart is to eliminate the sufferings of heart patients and reduce the mortality rate due to heart problems. 

Pointing out the problems faced by Indian heart patients, he highlighted that 80% of the implants and equipment are brought from foreign countries. Only 20 percent of heart transplant equipment and implants are being manufactured in India. Artificial heart research was essential in order to develop a heart treatment that was both economical and accessible for Indian heart patients.


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