Vitamin D3, which is crucial for your body’s healthy growth and development, is present in arachitol injection. It aids in the digestion of phosphates and calcium from your gut, which protects the health of your bones and teeth. It is specifically administered to the elderly and people who lack this vitamin for familial (family members) or environmental reasons. It is uncommon for arachitol injection to have negative side effects such constipation, disorientation, nausea, and vomiting. In the event that these adverse effects persist or get worse, speak with your doctor.

A licenced healthcare professional administers injections in a hospital or clinic. This medication is administered when administering it orally is impossible or ineffective. Your dose will depend on how bad your problem is. Without first consulting your doctor do not discontinue using this medication.

It is not advised to take arachitol injection if you have malabsorption syndrome (insufficient absorption of nutrients from your stomach), excessive calcium levels, or high amounts of vitamin D3 in your body, arachitol injection is not advised.

Arachitol Injection and other medications can interact. If you are on any medications now or have renal issues that have existed in the past, let your doctor know. Before using this medication, check with your doctor if you’re expecting or nursing.

Arachitol injection uses 

  • 1. In case of vitamin D deficiency, treatment is available
  • 2. Managing osteoporosis

Arachitol injection benefits

Vitamin D insufficiency treatment

The body makes vitamin D from sunlight, but when you do not get enough, you need to take a supplement. Medications like this are given as supplements. It’s essential to keep taking it frequently in order to see results. Continue taking it even if you don’t see any results so that you can safeguard your bones. Additionally, your immune system will be strengthened as well as your body’s resistance to a multitude of infections.

Getting Treatment for Osteoporosis

Bones become brittle, more prone to breaking, when they suffer from osteoporosis. Women commonly experience this after menopause. In addition to controlling calcium absorption and calcium and phosphate levels in the body, vitamin D also plays an important role in bone health. If you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, your bones could suffer. By maintaining your bones strong and healthy, you’ll reduce the possibility that they’ll deteriorate and become more fragile.

Your bones can be strengthened by engaging in regular movement, especially weight-bearing activities, consuming a vitamin D- and calcium-rich diet, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol, and engaging in regular exercise.

Side effects of arachitol injection

Most side effects are transient and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. You should consult your doctor if they persist or you start to worry.

Arachitol injection site responses frequently occurring adverse effects (pain, swelling, redness)

  • 1. Deficiencies
  • 2. Muscle ache
  • 3. Metal flavour
  • 4. Anxiety
  • 5. Irritation
  • 6. Itching
  • 7. A pancreatic disorder
  • 8. Bone Ache
  • 9. Painful muscle spasms
  • 10. A polyuric condition
  • 11. Phobia of light
  • 12. The anorexic condition
  • 13. Diarrhoea
  • 14. Feeling nauseated

Dosage of arachitol injection 

Untaken Dose

Arachitol 6L Injection has a very low chance of being missed because it is typically administered by a licenced healthcare professional in a clinical or hospital setting.


Arachitol 6L Injection has a very low chance of being overdosed because it is administered by a trained healthcare worker in a hospital setting. However, if an overdose is thought to have occurred, your doctor will start emergency medical care.


A pregnant woman

Since there is not enough information to determine the safety and effectiveness of arachitol 6L injection, it is not advised to use it while pregnant. Before using this medication, speak with your doctor.

Involvement in breastfeeding

Arachitol 6L Injection shouldn’t be used if you’re nursing because it can enter breast milk. Before using this medication, talk to your doctor to learn about its advantages and hazards.

General Warnings

Various medications

Arachitol 6L Injection’s absorption may be hampered by interactions with several medications. So, before starting treatment with this supplement, it is important that you tell your doctor about all of your current medications, including any herbal remedies and supplements.

Metabolic Syndrome

If you have a condition that results in ineffective nutrient absorption from your gut, you shouldn’t use arachitol 6L injection. In such circumstances, request a different-suited medication.

Added Uses

If other medications are ineffective, your doctor might recommend Arachitol 6L Injection. Your doctor should be consulted in such situations to go through all the dangers and advantages.

Tips for Getting Started

  • 1. Arachitol 6L Injectable has been recommended by your physician to treat vitamin D3 deficiency. 
  • 2. Under the direction of a doctor, it is injected into muscles.
  • 3. Some good advice for treating vitamin D deficiency: 
  • 4. Obtain adequate sun exposure for 10–30 minutes three times a week.
  • 5. Light skin: 20–30 minutes in the sun.
  • 6. Dark skin: 30–40 minutes in the sun.
  • 7. Consume foods high in vitamin D, such as oily fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, cheese, milk, and butter.
  • 8. Arachitol 6L Injection should not be used two hours prior to taking any antacids or other medications.
  • 9. The levels of Arachitol 6L Injection in the body may be impacted by additional prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements. In addition to any new or discontinued medications, make sure your doctor is aware of all of your current medications.
  • 10. While taking this medication, let your doctor know if you have nausea, vomiting, a lack of appetite, constipation, weakness, or weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What purpose does arachitol injection serve?

Your body can better absorb calcium with the aid of arachitol 6L Injection, which is crucial for keeping healthy bones. If you don’t get enough vitamin D from your food, you can take this medication to treat thinning bones and other bone disorders.

Injections of vitamin D painful?

Even though the vitamin D injectable may feel a little uncomfortable at first, it won’t last long. Having said that, you might have some minor soreness at the injection site a few hours after the shot, and it might linger for as long as a day.

Can you ingest arachitol injection?

A licenced healthcare practitioner administers arachitol 6L injection at a hospital or clinic. This medication is administered when administering it orally is impossible or inefficient. Your dose will depend on how bad your problem is.

How quickly do injections of vitamin D function?

It took about five minutes altogether.

Which fruit contains the most vitamin D?

The greatest fruit option for calcium, vitamin D, and other minerals is fortified orange juice.

Arachitol injection price in india

In offer around 326 rupees.

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