Anal Fistula Laser Treatment

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Laser Treatment Process Side Effects Recovery ?

The only technique to remove anal fistula is via surgery. Fistula therapy can normally not be done without surgery. Anal fistula laser treatment is a USFDA approved surgery that efficiently heals fistula. Laser treatment for anal fistula, which is also known as FiLaC R  (fistula laser closure) or LAFT (laser ablation of fistula tract), are the most prevalent and popular treatment for Anal Fistula. The method involves the transmission of laser energy in fistula lumens at 360° via a radial fiber which is gently removed from the exterior opening. Laser ablation is done on the lumen of fistulas which is a ‘sphincter-saving’ technique. Laser treatment is used for any kind of fistula, especially in cases in which sphincter muscle of the anus requires more care.

Fistulotomy Risks

Anal fistula surgery is a surgical procedure designed to repair your anorectal tissue. The goal is to remove or close the fistula channel and keep it away for good Fistulotomy can be a successful procedure with long-term results. The recurrence of Fistula in fistulotomy is very low. It’s not without risk, though, especially when the fistula tract is in a tricky spot. It has the following risks:

1. Incontinence. Fistula tracts can go directly through the sphincter muscles particularly when the fistulae are in high places. A fistulotomy may need the muscles to be cut and there is a considerable possibility that they will no longer function correctly. Following injury to the sphincter muscle, patients can no longer keep solid waste. This condition is called fecal

2. Gas Incontinence. Part of the sphincter system involves an involuntary muscle that is responsible for keeping gas and liquid from passing out of the rectum. If the fistulotomy damages this sphincter muscle, a person can no longer control the gas passage.

3. Infection. Normally with open surgical procedures , there is a higher risk of infection than that of Laser treatments.

Why You Should Opt for Laser Anal fistula Treatment

1- No Risk of Incontinence. Laser fistula treatment is capable of saving the sphincter muscle. The chances of incontinence after a laser surgery are therefore significantly lower than with fistulotomy.

2- No Risk of Infection. As with fistulotomy procedures, post-procedure infection rates for laser treatments seem to be low.

3- Low Recurrence Rate. Among sphincter-saving fistula surgeries, laser treatments have one of the lower recurrence rates.

Other Advantages of Laser Treatment

1. No medication
2.  Very little pain                        
3. Minimally invasive procedure
4. Faster healing than conventional surgeries
6. Post-surgery complications are lesser
7. Same day discharge after Anal fistula laser treatment

Process of Laser Treatment for Anal Fistula

During the treatment, a precisely defined laser energy is supplied in the fistula tract through a laser probe. This procedure degrades the tissue of the anal area very carefully. Unlike during a complicated open surgery, in the laser treatment the surgeon does not extract the pus or remove the drainage manually. The surgeon removes the laser probe and closes the fistula once the fistula is cleared. In only a few minutes the laser treatment is done. The therapy in no way disturbs the healthy tissue. Laser operation is almost painless, and the recovery time is considerably shorter than traditional fistula surgery.

Recovery After Anal Fistula Laser Treatment
Laser surgery for anal fistula is a quick and comfortable treatment. Since laser operation is
minimally invasive, the patient can come back home that same day.
The individual should refrain from any heavy activities unless the physician proposes
The patient should consume only a fiber rich diet and should refrain from any kind of spicy
or junk food for the next few days.
If any irregularities occur, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Side Effects of Laser Surgery for Fistula

A temporary constipation may be one of the adverse effects of laser surgery. You can talk with your doctor about laxatives after surgery to treat constipation.

Laser Fistula Treatment with Glamyo Health

Laser surgery requires high accuracy and experience; thus, you can seek advice from Glamyo Health medical counsellors.  Our medical counsellors will assist you during your treatment. you will receive the best services regarding your treatment in Glamyo Health.

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