Anal Abscess – An abscess is the accumulation of pus, majorly due to microbial infections. The abscesses can develop in any part of the body because of bacterial infections. There are two kinds of abscesses, ones that develop in the organs of the body and others that develop beneath the skin. Anal abscesses are common anorectal abscesses that are painful and cause swelling of the anal region. Infected anal glands that lead to abscesses are present deep inside the tissues and may not be visible from the outside.  

What is the Anal Abscess?

An anal abscess is a medical condition wherein pus develops inside the anus due to bacterial infections.

Types of Anal Abscess

  • 1. Perianal abscess (pus filled lump in perianal region)
  • 2. Ischiorectal
  • 3. Supralevator 
  • 4. Intersphincteric
  • 5. Submucosal

Causes of Anal Abscess

  • 1. Infection in the anus or rectum
  • 2. Certain anal obstructions
  • 3. Crohn’s disease
  • 4. Cancer origin
  • 5. Trauma

How it Formed?

Anal abscesses are formed when there is blockage or clogging of a gland in the anus after infection by certain bacteria. An abscess may also result from the trapping of stool or poop in the anal glands.


  • 1. Pain and discomfort in and around the anus
  • 2. Fever 
  • 3. Fatigue
  • 4. Constipation
  • 5. Lower abdomen pain
  • 6. Hard or lumpy tissue near the anal region


  • 1. Physical examination of the rectum
  • 2. Computed tomography (CT scan)
  • 3. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • 4. Anorectal ultrasound 
  • 5. A lab test to check blood cell count


  • 1. Have fibre-rich foods.
  • 2. Keep your body hydrated
  • 3. Maintain bowel hygiene 
  • 4. Take warm water bath


  • 1. Do not take heavy meals
  • 2. Avoid spicy foods 
  • 3. Cut back on alcohol and caffeine
  • 4. Avoid fried and sugary foods


Non- Surgical Treatments

Sitz baths 

Soaking in warm water a few times a day helps relieve pain and discomfort caused due to swelling or lumps in the anal region.


Laxatives are stool softening medications that help prevent bowel movements.


Antibiotics are the medications given to the patient in order to prevent infections in the anal region in case the patinet has weak immunity. 

Surgical Treatments

The surgical procedure for treating an anal abscess includes the drainage of pus by making an incision near the infected anal region. The procedure is performed by giving local anesthesia to the patient.

Risks and Complications

  • 1. Risk factors
  • 2. Smoking
  • 3. HIV
  • 4. Immunosuppressive drugs
  • 5. Diabetes
  • 6. Crohn’s disease
  • 7. Medications like prednisone


  • 1. Sepsis
  • 2. Recurrent abscess
  • 3. Fistula formation
  • 4. Fecal incontinence
  • 5. Infections
  • 6. Scarring

If Left Untreated

If the anal abscess is left untreated, it may lead to serious discomfort in the patients. The anal abscess can also extend from the anal region towards the pelvic diaphragm (called the ischioanal space) and to other perianal regions. It may lead to other systemic infections if not treated on time. 


The minimum cost of treating an anal abscess is ₹ 80,000, and the maximum cost is ₹ 95,000. The cost may differ depending on the severity of the condition, hospital services, and city.

Insurance Coverage

The treatment of an anal abscess is covered under health insurance. Mostly, the insurers cover the treatment costs for abscesses or anorectal abscesses. The insurance policies decide the amount of insurance coverage. There are certain norms and regulations for claiming insurance. The hassle of claiming the insurance is entirely done by Glamyo’s insurance team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How will I know that I have an abscess on the bum?

Various symptoms that indicate that a person has an abscess on his/her bum include pain, swelling, and redness in the anal region. Aong with these symptoms, person might feel tired, fever, and chills. 

Q2. What is the appearance of a perianal abscess ?

A perianal abscess appears like a red lump under the anal skin. It is the infection caused superficially due to trapping of bacteria in the glands lining the anal canal. 

Q3. Can I pop out the perianal abscess?

A perianal abscess should not be popped out as it may spread infection to other areas of the body. If the perianal abscess does not get better, the doctor can drain it safely.

Q4. Is the abscess on my bum a sexually transmitted disease (STD)?

Most of the anal abscesses are caused as a result of sexually transmitted infections. The perianal abscess that appears highly inflamed and causes a lot of irritation mainly indicates an STD (sexually transmitted disease).

Q5. Where is the perianal abscess located?

A perineal abscess is located in the vicinity of the anal opening and even inside the anal canal.

Q6. What type of lump is the perianal abscess? Is it hard or soft?

Perianal lumps are swollen, hard masses inside the anus or on the anal opening. They may cause fatigue, fever, and chills. 

Q7. Do perinaal abscess need urgent doctor consultation?

A perianal abscess needs immediate consultation and medical treatment in case it is intensely painful, and causing a lot of discomfort due to excessive swelling. 

Q8. Do perianal abscesses get better with time?

A perianal abscess may go away with time if it is a small abscess. Natural draining of an anal abscess can be induced by treating it with antibiotics.

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