A new study reveals that Eisai Alzheimer’s drug and clot busters are linked with brain haemorrhage. In Tokyo, a stroke patient’s blood vessel burst and she got a cascade of brain haemorrhage after being treated with a  blood clot buster and Alzheimer’s medicine.

According to the Japanese drug maker, lacanemab drug therapy is safe and is not associated with the patient’s death overall.

Blood clot buster, tissue plasminogen activator, is intravenously administered by hospitals during emergency treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke. Alzheimer’s drug, Lecanemab is an antibody developed by Eisai and Biogen Inc, to wipe out amyloid beta protein deposits from the brain’s Alzheimer’s patients. 

Researchers at Chicago say that the plausible cause of the sudden death is linked with the combined action of both the drugs. 

During the emergency treatment in Tokyo, a patient with a stroke is administered with a tissue plasminogen activator, a blood clot buster, while she was already being treated with lecanemab, an Alzheimer’s drug, which led to blood vessel damage and brain haemorrhage. 

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