Abdominal ultrasound is an imaging test that is related to the abdomen and is done by a handheld probe or wand called a transducer. It is done on the abdomen with a special type of gel and transducer, and your medical professional applies the gel on your abdomen or belly and glides the probe all around the abdomen, which facilitates the visualization of abdominal anatomical structures. 

It is possible to see the abdominal and internal organs with the help of ultrasound waves. The main aim of abdominal ultrasound is to identify the disorders that are related to the abdominal.

Reasons for Abdominal Ultrasound

It is suggested by your doctor to check the internal organs in your abdomen to see if they are working properly or not. If you are facing any problems in the abdomen, then this is recommended to rectify the abdomen-related disorder.

A complete abdominal ultrasound includes

  • 1. Gallbladder
  • 2. Intestines
  • 3. Liver
  • 4. Kidneys
  • 5. Pancreas
  • 6. Spleen
  • 7. Abdominal blood vessels

Abdominal ultrasound facilitates evaluating the reasons behind stomach pain, bloating, liver disease, tumors, and many more conditions. By examining this, your doctor may provide you with better treatment. 

Merits of Abdominal Ultrasound

There are certain benefits of abdominal ultrasound.

  • 1. It is non-invasive, which means there is no use of needles or injections.
  • 2. It is a painless procedure.
  • 3. It is an easy-to-use and less expensive method compared to others.
  • 4. It is fully safe and does not include any ionizing radiation.
  • 5. An X-ray is not able to provide you with clear images of organs, but an ultrasound can provide you with better and clearer images.

Demerits of Abdominal Ultrasound

There are no disadvantages to the abdominal ultrasound as there are no facts that prove that it causes any harmful impacts on the human body.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Abdominal

Your gynecologist may recommend a prenatal ultrasound during your pregnancy. It is done to get a regular check on the unborn baby. It helps to show the image of an unborn baby inside the womb of a woman, and due to this, we can evaluate the baby’s heart, head, and spine along with the other body parts. It is a safer way to check the baby’s health.

Abdominal Ultrasound Scan Results

When you get the results of your abdominal ultrasound, your doctor might discuss it with you later. After examining the reports, your doctor may suggest further screening if there are any life-threatening problems detected, like an aneurysm, and it can also involve monitoring or surgery. If you have any serious problems, then they will provide you with the results right away. If none of the problems is detected, then you will not require any further screening.

What can Abdominal Ultrasound Detect?

Your healthcare provider may recommend this ultrasound to detect more problems related to the abdomen that is

  • 1. Bladder stones
  • 2. Enlarged spleen
  • 3. Gallstones
  • 4. Cholecystitis
  • 5. Pancreatitis
  • 6. Stomach cancer
  • 7. Fatty liver disease
  • 8. Abdominal aortic aneurysm. 


An abdominal ultrasound uses low-power sound waves that are safe, so it is proved that it is a safer procedure and no risk is associated with it. 

How do you prepare?

  • 1. You have to make certain preparations before the ultrasound.
  • 2. You must refrain from consuming any fast drinks or foods for at least 8 to 12 hours before the surgery.
  • 3. Food and water can make it difficult for technicians to get a clear picture of the structures in the abdomen, and these become obstacles during the ultrasound.
  • 4. Before consuming anything, like even any medications or drinking water, you must contact your doctor and take their advice.

Before the Abdominal Ultrasound

Firstly, you need to wear the hospital gown and remove the jewelry that you are wearing, and your technician will ask you to lie on your back on the examination table. 

After Abdominal Ultrasound

It usually takes 30 minutes to complete, and it is not a painful procedure as you can get back to your actions immediately and do your normal activities as you did before.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get ultrasound results immediately?

Yes, you can mostly get the results soon after you have the ultrasound test.

Can an ultrasound detect a tumor?

Yes, ultrasound can detect tumors, and it has been seen that the accuracy of ultrasound in the tumor is 95%. However, the use of this test or ultrasound is limited to some parts of your body because it uses sound waves that cannot go through air or bone. 

What can be detected through abdominal ultrasound? 

Abdominal ultrasounds can help in diagnosing liver disease, kidney stones, and many other conditions. 

Should I drink before an abdominal ultrasound? 

Yes, you can drink clear fluids such as tea, black coffee, or water before abdominal ultrasound. But you must avoid drinking fluids containing sugar and fat.  

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