It has become increasingly common for Indians to lose their lives as a result of noncommunicative diseases today. While many battle health issues every day. It is possible, however, to avoid these diseases by making some simple changes to your lifestyle. As we celebrate Independence Day, let’s take part in the #bethechange initiative started by Glamyo Health to live a healthier life and be free from diseases.

A number of diseases have become trending in India, which have become a cause for concern for medical science and individuals. Patients with gallstones and kidney stones are increasing at an alarming rate. Furthermore, the piles rate in India is increasing rapidly; around 10 million people have been diagnosed with piles in India.

Good News! Prevention of Diseases Is Possible

The phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is well known to us all. In order to avoid diseases, preventive measures such as following a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, and receiving regular health checks are helpful. The following preventive health tips will help you stay healthy:

Regular Exercise

Exercise helps remove toxins from the body and burn extra fat. It prevents diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, mental stress, and fatigue. Join the #bethechange movement of Glamyo Health and indulge yourself in at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday.

Healthy Diet

To begin with the #bethechange movement of Glamyo Health, you need to get rid of bad eating habits. Drinking aerated drinks, eating junk food, eating fatty food, along with avoiding fibrous foods, can lead to many health problems. Having healthy food cooked at home is preferable. Don’t forget to eat nutrient-dense foods such as almonds, mushrooms, green vegetables and seasonal fruits. Including foods like green tea, yoghurt, and garlic is also beneficial. As a result, your immunity will be improved, and you will feel healthy and fresh.

Preventive Health Check-up

Nowadays, preventive health care has proven to be a big boon. However, most of us refrain from getting a preventive health check-up done. More than 2.50 lakh deaths occur every year as a result of negligence and deteriorating health conditions. Become a part of the #bethechange movement of Glamyo Health and start monitoring your health by getting timely health check-ups done. Also, if you have a family history of certain health conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer or osteoporosis and so on, you should never neglect your health.


This 75th Independence Day, let’s celebrate freedom from diseases. Let’s pledge to prioritise our health by joining the #bethechange movement started by Glamyo Health. Let’s get freedom from health conditions by choosing a trusted healthcare brand. #bethechange #swasthnagrikswasthdesh.

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