Clear aligners are an advanced and painless way to get your teeth aligned. They use gentle and consistent force to bring your teeth structure in the desired position over time. People no longer have to go through the painless treatment of traditional metal braces and deal with the excruciating discomfort of brackets and wires. 

There are plenty of reasons why a person may opt for a clear aligner instead of metal braces. Clear aligners are invisible, light in weight, thin, comfortable to wear, affordable, and custom-designed for your beautiful smile.

Clear aligners must be taken proper care of, which includes avoiding discolouration, odour, and bacteria buildup, which will not only compromise the aligners’ transparency but also harm the teeth’s health. Here are some tips for maintaining the good condition of your aligners or trays.

Always Keep Your Aligners Clean

If you’re wearing clear aligners, you’ll have to take them out every time you eat. When you’re done, make sure to rinse them right away. It’s essential to avoid procrastinating with the rinsing process because you might forget about them later.

Why is Rinsing so Important?

Your mouth is full of bacteria, and every time you wear your aligners, you run the risk of transferring these bacteria to your aligners. If you clean your aligners every time you take them out, bacteria will have a harder time accumulating on them.

Brush Teeth

Bacteria can be found in your mouth, as previously stated. This bacteria begins to grow up again after brushing and flossing. This is why, right after brushing your teeth, you always have fresh breath, which changes with time.

As a result, brushing and flossing your teeth before putting on your clear aligners is recommended. It will assist you in avoiding dental difficulties as a result of poor oral hygiene and in maintaining a clean mouth for a longer period of time.

Avoid Food that Stain

Because of the dye in the components, food items with turmeric and coloured drinks can quickly stain your aligners, so it’s better to avoid them. Juices, coloured water, and any other coloured beverage should be drunk after your Invisalign has been removed. It is important that you keep your aligners clean. Aligners are invisible, i.e they are not easily noticeable which is why people feel comfortable when wearing them. If stained, the aligners can appear dirty and yellowish in colour that doesn’t look very pleasing.

Avoid Using Toothpaste on Aligners

Because toothpaste is abrasive to plastics, it can harm your aligners.

Toothpaste can damage the aligners’ smooth surface, making them difficult to wear in the mouth. It can also cause microscopic scratches inside the aligners, which can shelter bacteria. Although toothpaste may appear to be a quick and easy way to clean your aligners, there are better solutions. For rapid mouth cleaning, our orthodontic professional can offer a safe mouthwash solution.

Don’t Leave Aligners in the Open

To achieve the best outcomes, clear aligners should be handled with extreme caution. As a result, it is vital to take care of it. Make sure you don’t leave it open after you’ve removed the trays or aligners. If you leave it out in the open, it will be particularly susceptible to the growth of bacteria, and you may also lose them if kept anywhere. As a result, a preferable alternative is to store them in a container or box at all times to keep them safe. If you keep it open, make sure to rinse it before wearing it to get rid of all the bacteria that has accumulated.

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