12 foods to avoid with haemorrhoids, knowing these are essential. Do you doubt that the diet that you follow has some drawbacks? Know the foods that strictly need to be avoided when dealing with haemorrhoids and make sure to replace these with the healthiest foods possible.

Foods to be strictly avoided with Hemorrhoids are as follows.

Spicy Foods

Anything that is a little too spicy certainly can feel tasty to the taste buds. But, it does not always give long-term satisfaction. Anything excessive in quantity needs to be avoided or kept as an excluded ingredient such as chilli or spicy foods. 

Packed foods

There comes to a variety of foods these days which come in packaging. Thus, one must check for such foods to be avoided. 

In case of experiencing haemorrhoids, packed foods need to be avoided especially as they contain preservatives to keep the food fresh for a longer time. 

Caffeine-Added Drinks

The drawback of caffeinated drinks is that they can unknowingly or knowingly trigger the health of a person. Having excessive amounts of caffeine such as tea, coffee or caffeinated cola makes it difficult for the stools to pass put smoothly. 

Extra Salty or Sugary Foods

Sometimes, foods are made without an accurate measurement of the ideal amount of salt or sugar that needs to be added or the estimation goes wrong. 

Don’t force yourself to eat food with extra sugar or extra salt. Anything that is out of balance in taste is a risk factor for health. 

Dairy Products

Not every individual gets their stomach cleared out through products like milk. There have been cases where milk has been the reason behind constipation. Thus, it has become a need while experiencing haemorrhoids that the person must avoid dairy products. 

These dairy products can be milk, cheese or ice cream. The need to avoid these is to keep away gastric issues, constipation and stomach cramps. 

Deep-Fried Food Items

Necessary to avoid deep-fried items have increased as the number of cases with gallstone issues has been rising. 

Thus, these fried foods trigger not only a specific part of the body but also cause trouble to the whole digestive system by causing disbalance in the health condition. 


is known to be one of the unhealthiest options that people are rather addicted to. While living with haemorrhoids or piles alcohol consumption cannot go on this way. One must ensure to cut it out completely. 

Processed Foods

The market is filled with processed food items. These can lower health by weakening the muscles of the body. 

The way these are made takes us back to the various methods of processing that are done before it becomes a final product. Thus, one must reduce it as much as possible and replace it with fresh and natural food items. 


Chocolates are widely loved by all but equally, these are triggering if seen from the perspective of health conditions. While dealing with haemorrhoids, the main cause being the hard stools resulting in excessive pressure, chocolates can worsen the condition further as it contains sugar and caffeine which creates dehydration. 

Junk Food

It has become so common for people to have fast food items every other day. But, fast foods are extremely unhealthy for the body and mind. Thus, with haemorrhoids or any relatable ailment, strongly avoid having foods that trigger your health. 

Refined Grains

The major reason for not preferring refined grains is the fact that these grains are rather formed by filtering out the essential nutrients and fibers which are rather very essential for the digestive system and overall health. 

Unripe Fruits

There are very healthy fruits which help in the best possible way to boost the health of a person. But, while taking these fruits or vegetables we often ignore checking if they are fully ripe or not. Unripe fruits can cause a high risk of constipation and trigger other ailments. 

Starting with avoiding the above-mentioned can improve your health completely. Not only this, replacing it with some of the essential healthy foods can prevent it from causing or worsening further. These healthy foods can be Whole grain, green leafy vegetables, plenty of water and high fiber foods. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can sitting for too long can cause haemorrhoids? 

Yes, one of the expected causes of haemorrhoids can be due to staying too long and sitting in the toilet. This starts with putting pressure on your anus and veins, which eventually goes on to give intense discomfort. Also, sitting for too long in the toilet can cause various infections and keeps the body at low strength. 

Which fruits are good for haemorrhoid patients? 

Fruits are rich in water content and the healthiest natural options to cure haemorrhoids. Fruits hydrate the body, cleanse it, purify it and help in fighting infection or ailments. 

Fruits which are favourable to eat with haemorrhoids are Apples, Raspberries, bananas, pears, kiwi and prunes. Healthiest options for patients dealing with haemorrhoids. 

Does walking help haemorrhoids? 

Certainly, Haemorrhoids can be cured and healed by making a regular habit of walking. It keeps the blood flowing in the body, proper digestion, promotes activeness and balanced weight. Thus, every individual must make a habit of walking each day for at least 20-30 minutes. 

Suggest best exercises for haemorrhoids? 

A few of the proven and most beneficial exercises to fight haemorrhoids are deep breathing, wind relieving pose, Pelvic floor contraction and legs up the wall. These are all designed to regulate the blood flow, keeping it from forming blood clots.

How long does it take for haemorrhoids to heal? 

Haemorrhoid usually heals within a week. Further, in the case of every individual patient, it completely depends on how critical or severe the situation of the patient is. 

Also, healing depends on how much care is taken. If all the treatment guidelines are not followed properly or if the dosage is skipped, the process of recovery can slow down.

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