Food for Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids coming back can be a big concern. Understanding this, it’s essential to look at the daily lifestyle habits, eating and sleeping habits to prevent the recurrence of hemorrhoids. 

Here, let’s learn the best types of foods that can simply do wonders and help an individual prevent occurrence or reinsurance and help to cope with hemorrhoids. 

Hemorrhoids- the cause of its recurrence 

Hemorrhoids generally occur or reoccur majorly when repetitive straining or pressure to one area such as training while bowel movement. This means those with chronic constipation and poor diet trigger hemorrhoids faster. 

Role of foods to fight against hemorrhoids 

Foods are the ultimate source of nutrition, energy, immunity, and strength. So, we must choose the foods very wisely. Anything that is unhealthy to the body and hard to digest should be strictly avoided. 

Best foods for hemorrhoids 

Here is a quick list of the healthiest foods for hemorrhoid patients. Regular intake of these foods not only prevents hemorrhoids from occurring but is equally effective for protecting the body from redeveloping hemorrhoids again and again. 


Adding a variety of healthy fruits to your daily diet simply helps in taking more fibre. These fiber-rich fruits such as apples, peaches, mango, apricots, berries, oranges, and plums are great sources of high fibre. 


Just like fruits, vegetables too are excellent sources of fibre foods. The best kind of vegetables to fight back hemorrhoids are the ones that are high in fibre. 

Some of these vegetables are root vegetables, stalks, and green leaves. Some of the best examples of these types of fresh vegetables are broccoli, cucumber, green peas, spinach, and potatoes. 

Whole Grains

The healthy source of foods include whole west foods. These foods are rich in fibre and ensure to give immunity boost as well as good gut health. 

Whereas, anyone who frequently gets ill with hemorrhoids must avoid white flour and white rice. These and anything made of white flour is maida which is sticky and hard to digest. 


Some nuts have amazing and healthy high fibre content and anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for the good health condition of a person. These include almonds and walnuts. 


Another healthiest option is seeds that are rich in fibre. Seeds that contain plenty of fibre, are considered very effective for smooth bowel movements and boost the digestive system. 

So, incorporating foods containing seeds such as ground flax, psyllium and chia are some of the best sources of high fibre. 

Final words 

Give your life a healthy shift. This shift should be absolute and complete. Bringing new patterns of living gives any ailment in check and helps the person quickly become aware of the symptoms associated. 

Along with foods that include fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and seeds, ensure that your regular check-up with the concerned doctor is also up to date. 

For this, reach out to the specialist doctor, consult regarding your symptoms and get the right medical support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes hemorrhoids worse?

Hemorrhoids are becoming very common a medical condition in many people. Hemorrhoids develop with simple ignorance of your daily lifestyle habits. 

One thing that majorly affects and worsens hemorrhoids is excessive pressure, straining, or sitting for a longer time. 

Q. Does walking help hemorrhoids?

Walking as well as other light exercises promotes regular movement of the body and have a wide range of benefits. 

Make walking your regular habit, walking for 20 minutes a day along with regular exercising for the proper functioning of the body. 

Q. What to eat to make hemorrhoids go away?

A diet that you follow, meals that you plan, and lifestyle that you have made as your habit play a crucial role in the condition of hemorrhoids. 

Those with hemorrhoids must add healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lentils to their diet for a quick and healthy recovery from hemorrhoids. 

Q. What happens if you have had hemorrhoids for years?

Someone with hemorrhoids for years experiences chronic constipation regularly, and inflammation and symptoms may reappear. 

Also, if hemorrhoids are left untreated for years, it may lead to other medical complications and can. lead to life treating issues. 

Q. Do hemorrhoids ever fully heal?

This completely depends on the size of hemorrhoid. Small-sized hemorrhoids often go away on their own. Whereas, large-sized hemorrhoids require a doctor’s consultation. 

Q. What foods won’t irritate hemorrhoids?

Some of the healthiest foods to add to your diet plans without any hesitation are fruits, vegetables, roots, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains. 

Q. Do hemorrhoids always come back? 

In many cases, hemorrhoids do reoccur but this can be consciously avoided. The idea is that the weakened tissue in your anus or rectum causes the recurrence of hemorrhoids. 

Therefore, lifestyle changes and shifting your meal plans to a healthy diet is the key to fully avoiding any recurrence of hemorrhoids.

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