Two live hearts were transported across 3 cities via 4 green corridors. These green corridors were created in 3 different cities including Delhi to Pune and Ahmedabad to Delhi. 

The patient at Army Hospital donated the heart that was carried to Palam Air Force Station in Delhi that was moved to the Pune airport for the patient admitted in the local Army’s hospital there. 

According to NOTTO, National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation, the other heart was transported from Ahmedabad to AIIMS Delhi. 

At R&R hospital, a patient was declared brain dead, donated the heart which was airlifted in an Indian air force aircraft from Delhi to Pune for swift organ transportation.

The 6 minutes green corridor targeted to cover 6 kilometres distance and in the next 17 minutes it was carried to the Army hospital at Pune. 

The consent for organ donation was taken from the wife of the brain dead patient.

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