According to the survey done on the Indian population, 76% of the Indians suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Data collected by one of the Indian research laboratories of TATA groups cleared that men with Vitamin D deficiency were almost 80%, Whereas 75% of the women were found to be Vitamin D deficient. The lion’s share is found in Vadodara, with 89% of the population found deficient in vitamin D. In Delhi, 72% of the people suffer from this deficiency. 

Vitamin D, simply said as a sunshine vitamin, is crucial for bone health, the body’s metabolism, immunity, overall growth, and development. 

Major causes for an increasing vitamin D deficient population includes the sedentary indoor lifestyle, work- from- routines, ready to eat food habits with unhealthy fats and unhealthy cereals. Unplanned pregnancies are also one of the major causes of vitamin D deficiency both for mothers and children. 

To get through the problem and prevent the risk of developing vitamin D deficiency, it is advised to have enough exposure to sunlight and a diet having rough vitamin D. This includes red meat, egg yolks, oily fish, and fortified cereals.

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