All the doorstep medical services, logistic help, and medical monitoring to senior citizens will entail a GST of 18%, ordered recently by the West Bengal authority for advance ruling. 

The idea for this ruling emerged after the Kolkata-based startup initiated the elderly care program in Kolkata, which focuses on providing doorstep medical services to lonely senior citizens. 

According to the founder of the Kolkata-based startup, their company prioritizes those senior citizens who live alone without their family members, and they provide them complete medical assistance at their doorstep. Their services include monitoring all the medical requirements by expert doctors and professionals, emergency support, medicinal support, supervision by the general physician, and other social and logistic assistance. Their concern was when the senior citizens go for these medical services individually, they are exempted from GST. Similarly, similar services provided by the startup must also be exempted from GST. In view of this scenario, the GST authority informed that the medical services under ‘human health and social care services’ will be taxable up to 18%. 


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