Hernia generally occurs more often in males. But, with time, new reports have shown that hernia can also occur in females. One of the major differences between the two genders developing hernia is Hermia causes. In this article we will go into much detail to understand all about hernia causes, its causes in males and females, incisional, femoral and capital Hermia causes and more in association with hernia causes. 

What are Hernia Causes

A hernia is an ailment that consists of some common and some rare reasons which it occurs. 

Hernia causes are multiple and the difference in the type of Hermia causes helps to understand accurately the type of Hermia the patient is dealing with and it helps the doctor to further plan out full diagnosis and treatment accordingly. 

10 Causes Of Hernia 

Chronic Constipation

One of the very noteworthy causes of hernia condition found in both men and women equally is due to having difficulty during bowel movement. 

This is when the stool becomes hard waste and gives a lot of strain while wearing out of the body. As much as it can be a cause of hernia, it can be a cause of other ailments too. 

Thus, getting it consulted with a good doctor will help the patient stop it from causing further complications. 


Hernia can at times occur due to having an imbalanced weight, especially overweight. Initially, this can seem normal a condition as a hernia does not always show immediate physical signs. 

Thus, in a such situation preventing hernia is possible by managing weight. This can be done through a regular healthy and light diet, light exercising or the simple habit of regular walking. 


Women with pregnancy have known to have a higher risk of developing one or the other ailment. 

But, this can be prevented with regular follow-up checkups with the concerned doctor, taking ample amounts of rest and having a healthy diet only. 

Straining or pressure

Uncontrollable or putting excessive pressure on the abdomen also leads to the occurrence of Hernia in both males and females. 

This strain generally comes due to chronic constipation, wearing tight-fitting clothes for longer durations or for doing strenuous physical activities. 

Regular Weight Lifting

when a person, generally males indulge themselves in weight lifting activities on daily basis. 

Unaware of it they are putting excessive pressure on the whole body, especially the abdomen, which causes hernia. 

Frequent Coughing or Sneezing

Those with a chronic cold, cough or sneeze frequently, this can cause a hernia as through these actions the strain goes directly to the abdomen and weakens the muscle resulting in a lump forming.

Fitness Exercises like Running or Power Yoga

Strenuous activities also include exercises that put a lot of pressure on the body and muscles resulting in either hernia or some other ailment. 

Thus, when you find yourself stuck in such a case, reach out to an experienced doctor and have a proper diagnosis. 

Weak Abdomen Wall and Muscles

There are cases when the abdomen wall or muscles surrounding the abdomen can be weak by birth and this can affect the health of a person. Generally, people with such birth issues have been detected with a hernia. 

Wearing Tight-Fitting Clothes

Another factor that is less noticeable but has an equal impact is wearing tight-fitting clothes. Right-fit clothes usually block the proper blood flow throughout the whole body and cause hernia or other ailments. 

Poor Lifestyle Habits

These routine habits such as poor sleeping habits, sleepless nights, having an unhealthy diet regularly, neglecting the physical signs of hernia, eating food very fast or taking bigger bites. 

These are some of the small habits that form together and cause hernia as well as can trigger other ailments. 

Causes of hernia in Males and Females

Causes of Hernia in Males

As it is already n known, Hernia in men is more commonly found than is found in women. The main reason is usually weight lifting activities, family history, age factors, weakened muscles by birth or undeveloped tissues. 

Causes of Hernia in Females

Whereas, in women hernia usually occurs due to being overweight, excessive straining in the abdomen, weak muscles and pregnancy. 

Learn more about hernia and its causes through these common queries 

Can a Hernia Cause Death?

Hernia, in those rare cases where it gets trapped as the content of the hernia, is flowing out, this strangulated condition of developed hernia can become life-threatening. 

Ignoring signs can lead to more severe complications. So, reach out to the concerned doctor before it gets too late. 

Does Hernia Cause Constipation?

When there seems to be a physical blockage in the large intestine, one of the reasons it can be due to a hernia. 

Thus, such blockage can lead to constipation, pain, discomfort and excessive strain while passing stools. 

Does Hernia Cause Pain? A hernia

doesn’t always cause any pain. But, when due to a hernia a lump is formed surrounding the abdomen wall it can be very painful. Also, a hernia that is left untreated can give mild to intense pain. 

Can a hernia cause back pain?

Yes, hernia pain doesn’t affect just one part of the body but can revolve around the legs, and hips or even cause mild to intense back pain. 

Which fruit is best for hernia?

Some of the best fruits for the condition of hernia are the none citrus fruits namely, apples, melons, pears and berries. 

Which Food To Avoid  For Hernia?

Foods that strongly need to be avoided for Hernia are spicy, onion, garlic, chocolates, foods with high sodium content and tomatoes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the main cause of hernia?

The main cause of Hernia In most cases is due to the weak form of the abdomen wall, this can be caused by birth in some cases, whereas in others this can simply develop with time. 

Another cause of hernia can be excessive weightlifting which is usually found in men. Also, the causes may vary according to the type of hernia, hernia developed in males or females and age factor. 

Q. Is hernia a serious problem?

Generally, people with a developed hernia do not even know of its presence as the pain is not always felt and the hernia can even go away on its own without any treatment. 

But, in those cases where symptoms are visible, the complications are rising and the person with the condition simply puts the consumption and treatment to delay, this can become life-threatening.

Thus, when experiencing any symptoms, reach out to the concerned doctor immediately and get it treated within time. 

Q. Is hernia caused by stress?

When a person suffers from a hernia, it can be due to two types of stress, either physical or emotional of which physical stress has the more chance of causing a hernia. 

This physical stress can be mainly due to weightlifting exercises or pressure on the abdomen while passing waste from the body. 

Therefore, don’t neglect the symptoms that are visible or felt to you. Get help from an experienced doctor immediately. For more assistance, you can also reach out to Glamyo Health for the same. 

Q. What are the warning signs of a hernia?

General warming signs of a hernia developing can be when she starts to show up physical symptoms such as bulge forming, redness, rashes, and swelling. pain, constipated stomach, discomfort and other such physical difficulties.

This can be a big warning towards the poor health conditions of the person. Thus, make sure that these signs are never left unattended. Get it checked today. 

Q. What foods aggravate a hernia?

Foods that can make the hernia even worse are spicy or chilli foods, tomatoes or anything that contains tomatoes, fried food items, chocolate and cocoa, garlic, onions, mint and peppermint. 

These are some of the daily intake items which need to be avoided by any to all who have recently or for a long time developed a hernia. 

Q. Does drinking water help hiatal hernia?

Drinking water while dealing with hair hernia does not give any harm and rather keeps the body hydrated. 

Whereas, to reduce the effect of capital hernia, doctors generally advise bringing lifestyle changes, avoiding unhealthy foods or drinks, taking smaller bites of daily meals and chewing each bite properly   

Q. Is yoghurt good for hiatal hernia?

Yes, unsweetened yoghurt is considered rich in probiotic content and keeps the stomach healthy. So, in the case of capital hernia, yoghurt is a good option to add to daily meals. 

Equally, other items that are good for capital hernia patients are green beans, carrots, peas, fat-free cheese, chicken and fish. 

Q. Can I drink coffee with a hernia?

In the case of hernia, acidic food items are not harmful but if experiencing any irritation or itchiness

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